Second Single from Sexy Zone

news - 14.03.2012 23:11
New Johnny's unit Sexy Zone have announced the release of a new single for April 11th.

Currently untitled, this will be band's second release, following their debut single Sexy Zone, which came out in November. This new single will be released in three versions and will contain four songs as well their instrumental versions. The single's full tracklist is still unknown, but it has been revealed that all of the versions will include the song Kaze wo kitte, which is being used as the ending theme for the anime series "Nintama Rantarou".

The regular edition will be CD-only and will include the bonus song Yuuki 100%, which is being used as the opening theme for the aforementioned anime series. The limited Type A will come with a DVD featuring the PV for the title trrack, while the limited Type B will instead come with a DVD featuring its making-of footage, as well as a 12-page booklet.
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