UVERworld's Christmas Concert on DVD

news - 05.03.2012 22:29
Rock band UVERworld will release their Christmas concert on DVD on April 4th.

Titled UVERworld 2011 Premium LIVE on Xmas, the DVD will feature the band's concert held on December 25th 2011. It will be available in two editions. The regular edition will include a bonus disc featuring ten songs performed live at Zepp Sendai on July 21st. The limited edition will come with a bonus disc featuring eleven songs performed live at at Zepp Tokyo on July 27th, plus a 36-page special photobook.

UVERworld 2011 Premium LIVE on Xmas will also be made available on Blu-ray on May 2nd. This version will come with the main Christmas concert, plus the eleven songs performed at Zepp Tokyo, as featured on the limited edition, though it will not contain the photobook.
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