AKB48 Documentary DVD

news - 05.03.2012 00:07
Idol group AKB48 will release a documentary DVD on April 20th.

Titled DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on Shojotachi wa kizutsukinagara, yume wo miru, the release features a documentary about the group and also comes with a bonus second disc with a director's cut of "DOCUMENTARY of AKB48+1", which originally aired in January, plus the music video for the documentary's theme song First Rabbit, trailers and additional material. The DVD will come with a randomly selected photograph.

The DVD will also be available in a "Complete BOX" edition, which will come with two additional discs featuring a long interview with twenty of AKB48's members, a video message and more. This version will also come with an 84-page photobook plus five randomly photographs of group members in everyday clothes, and a special bookmark made from a section of 35mm film. The "Complete BOX" edition is exclusively available through AKB48's official online shop.
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