Globalizing Visual Kei Survey - THANK YOU!

news - 29.03.2011 01:20
JaME would like to thank all fans who participated in our "Globalizing Visual Kei Survey," and for those who promoted it to their friends and family, your support was truly appreciated.

We had a total of 6,383 voters across 87 countries, receiving votes from every populated continent in the world!

Our top three voting countries were:
1.United States: 865
2.Germany: 750
3.Poland: 745

These results will be integrated into the upcoming ten-part web-series "Globalizing Visual Kei: A Universal Subculture" which will be published in late May. The series will cover a variety of topics, including the history and eras of visual kei, globalization trends across the world, visual kei global concert trends, interviews with musicians, event organizers and industry, common misconceptions of the visual kei scene and the Japanese social stigma, accessibility and downloading, and fan harmony versus fan hostility.

Each version which participated in the survey will additionally have an article designed to share the results of their specific version's voters.

Again, JaME thanks you for your continuous support - without you, Japanese music wouldn't be global!
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Globalizing Visual Kei: A Web Series


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