Moran's New Guitarist

news - 21.08.2010 07:13
Visual kei band Moran have announced their new guitarist.

After the death of bassist Zill about one month ago, probably nobody would have thought that the band would continue their activities, but as of today the band has a new guitarist. SIZNA (ex-Sugar) will fill the vacant guitar position. As was mentioned on the band's official site, SIZNA's welcome to the band coincides with his birthday, August 20th.

Moran also announced that they will hold a memorial live for Zill on October 14th at Shibuya O-East titled Stand by Me. This live will feature a session by ex-KuRt vocalist Tenten, a performance by Mix Speaker's,Inc. and a one-day revival of indies visual kei band Gift.
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Moran 14/10

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