DuelJewel Mini-Album

news - 14.08.2010 23:34
Visual rock band DuelJewel will release their upcoming mini-album ZERO on September 22nd.

DuelJewel have established a firm fanbase within Japan since their beginnings in 1997 and, following their performance at the American anime convention A-Kon held in Dallas in 2002, have gained considerable attention from overseas audiences. The band most recently released the mini-album Will under the label Sword Records, who are known for promoting artists such as ALvino, D'espairsRay and Vidoll.

ZERO will be issued in CD and CD+DVD formats and will be produced by DuelJewel. The mini-album will feature a total of five tracks including Code:Liberate and Oborotsuki. Details regarding the contents of the DVD have yet to be announced.
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