MINMI and VERBAL's New Single

news - 13.08.2010 07:17
MINMI will release a new single called Patto hana saku on September 8th. The title track will feature VERBAL of m-flo and producer Shinichi Osawa, both of whom MINMI has collaborated with before. Osawa is known for his remixes for artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi and Tsuchiya Anna.

Next to three editions of the title track, the single will also feature two more songs, amongst them a song titled Three Little Birds which is likely to be a Bob Marley cover. The release will be available in a regular CD-only version and one including a DVD with the PV of Patto hana saku.

MINMI just released her fourth original album, Mother on July 7th. On August 4th she gave birth to her second son in New York.
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