Three Members to Graduate from Morning Musume。

news - 09.08.2010 05:00
Producer Tsunku♂ has posted an important announcement via Hello! Project's official website regarding the upcoming graduation of three of the members from Morning Musume。.

Following discussions amongst Morning Musume。's management and medical specialists, it has been decided that Kamei Eri will part ways with the group in order to undergo treatment for atopic dermatitis. Since Kamei first joined Morning Musume。, her struggle with the condition has been ongoing and has gradually worsened over the years. Whilst Kamei has coped with the ailment over the years with several medicinal treatments and the application of make-up to disguise the condition, unfortunately perspiration and subsequent costume changes during live performances has only aided to aggravate the illness.

Following consultations with medical specialists, it has been decided that Kamei should fully dedicate herself to her recovery and following the final performance of Morning Musume。's autumn tour, Kamei will graduate from the group and Hello! Project.

As well as Kamei, the "Chinese exchange students" Qian Lin and Li Chun will also graduate from Morning Musume。 following the conclusion of their autumn tour. Both Qian Lin and Li Chun first joined Hello! Project in May 2007 and have subsequently improved in their Japanese language, singing and talent skills to become fully-fledged entertainers. Following the pair's return to China, both Qian Lin and Li Chun hope to pursue a career in the music and talent field.
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