miyavi Contest Deadline Reminder

news - 09.11.2006 23:00
Attention all miyavi fans!!

The deadline for our MYV☆CUPS competition is coming very soon! You have until next Thursday, the 16th, to submit your fan videos.

As a reminder:

*You may not use any photos, video materials or other images of miyavi in your video.
*You cannot use miyavi's recorded music or any other artist's copyrighted music. However, you are allowed to play/sing miyavi's songs yourself.
*The use of overly abusive language or sexually explicit content will not be tolerated.
*If the video is to contain text or speech, please do it in English and limit your submission to five minutes.

Send your submissions to [email protected] and remember to write to us in ENGLISH ONLY. Also, please do not attach your video to your email, rather, give us a link to a site we can download it from. (for example yousendit) A full list of rules and details can be found here.

Please be sure to read and follow everything carefully as any submissions that do not follow our guidelines will be disqualified. Good luck!!
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