New Band: nekomanju

news - 07.01.2019 07:55
source: OHP
A new band named nekomanju has announced the start of its activities.

Its line-up consists of vocalist Kouta (ex-Kaishin no Ichigeki), guitarist Cazqui (ex-NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST), bassist SHINGO☆ (SEX MACHINEGUNS) and drummer FUMIYA (GALNERYUS, Unlucky Morpheus, THOUSAND EYES).

nekomanju has already announced a number of shows, including three solo lives in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka titled Kaika Sensen. Their first release will be a single titled Dogmatic Kaika, which will be coming out sometime this year. However, there are currently no further details available about the release.

A teaser for Dogmatic Kaika can be viewed below.

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