New Single from Kousai☆RaveL

news - 10.12.2018 06:54
source: Visunavi
"Visual kei idol unit" Kousai☆RaveL will release their second single on February 6th.

Titled Mousou Rabbit, it is said to show a darker side of the group that they have not displayed yet. No other details about the single's contents are available at the moment, but they have announced that they will hold a show titled Bocchi kawaii shinjuku no usagi-chan at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on March 18th to commemorate its release.

Kousai☆RaveL's three members originally started activities in a group called Rizu, whose gimmick was that they were all teenagers attending high school. Shortly after Rizu held its "graduation" live, the members announced that they were ready to pursue music more seriously. They played their first show as Kousai☆RaveL this April and made their CD debut on June 6th with a single called Parallel.

An MV spot for Mousou Rabbit is available on Twitter, and the full video for Parallel can be viewed below.

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