BABOO to Disband

news - 02.12.2018 06:23
source: OHP
Just shy of two years together, visual kei band BABOO have announced that they will disband following their performance at Ikebukuro BlackHole on December 12th.

In a message posted on their official website, the band's members explained that vocalist Bero wants to pursue a path outside of the music industry and after several discussions, they decided that disbanding was the best course of action to respect his feelings. The members apologized to their fans and staff for the sudden decision and thanked them for their support during the band's short career.

BABOO released two consecutive singles in September and October titled mom. and "xxxx". The videos for those songs can be viewed below, and both tracks are available for free download, including cover art and lyrics, for a limited time. The links can be found in the descriptions of the YouTube videos.

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