news - 06.07.2018 06:45
source: OHP
A new visual kei band called MIMIZUQ ("mimizuku") was recently revealed.

The band was officially formed on June 22nd. It consists of four very experienced members: CASCADE vocalist TAMA, Psycho le Cému guitarist AYA and bassist seek and drummer Kusunose Takuya (GESSHOKU KAIGI, ex-Hysteric Blue).

The band's debut show, MIMIZUQ 60min Showcase ONEMAN LIVE, will be held at Shinjuku BLAZE on September 8th. The show will be split into two parts: one set in the afternoon and another in the evening. That day, they will also release a live-limited single titled Zutto suki deshita that will contain two tracks: the title song and Grand Guignol -Instrumental-.

A teaser video for Zutto suki deshita can be viewed below.

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