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news - 18.06.2018 23:46
source: OHP
After a tumultuous period following the sudden departure of their original vocalist this March, visual kei band LAVANS have some exciting news.

Ex-LIEVRE CLAY singer shion, who was serving as their support vocalist while they searched for a new member, has officially joined the band. This new version of LAVANS will release its "0th" single on August 22nd.

Titled Hikari, it will feature three tracks: the title song, Hello,New world and Senka ryouran.

They will support the release with their first one-man to feature shion as an official member, V Couleur ~Iro no nai sekai~, which will be held at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on August 30th.

A comment video introducing shion as their new vocalist can be viewed below.

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