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news - 12.08.2017 21:25
source: Press Release
UP-FRONT PROMOTION's management has announced that Juice=Juice member Miyamoto Karin was diagnosed with functional dysphonia and will take a break from all activities that will require her to use her voice. Depending on how her treatment and rehabilitation goes, Karin's activities will slowly be increased.

Also, the management has revealed that Yanagawa Nanami from Country Girls, and Dambara Ruru, formally Hello! Pro Kenshusei, has joined Juice=Juice, transforming them into a seven-member unit. In addition to this announcement, the management has confirmed that both will be performing in the Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND 2017 World Tour, which begins in Mexico on September 8th at Foro Indie Rocks.

In performing with Juice=Juice, Nanami commented, “I was very nervous as the group never had additional members until now, but I’m having lots of fun being surrounded by fantastic sisters and Nana-chan. Just like the meaning of the name "Juice=Juice", I hope to perform freshly, giving it my 100%.”

Ruru commented, “I’m worried because the group was always known as five-member unit, but all the members are so nice. I’m so excited about what’s to come. Juice=Juice is really good at their performance, so I hope I can catch up to everyone and get singing parts in the near future.”

Leader, Miyazaki Yuka, commented, “I’m really excited to see how the seven-member Juice=Juice will turn out! [Nanami] talks a lot about what Momochi-senpai (Tsugunaga Momoko) has taught her, and it’s so cute. [Ruru] came with the dance choreography memorized, so we can count on her!”

The Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND 2017 World Tour will kick off in Mexico on September 8th in Mexico City Foro Indie Rocks and will continue on to London, England (sold out), Paris, France (sold out), and Germany on the 17th in Dortmund at FZW.

New members will perform only until 10pm under the underage labor law.
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