Toko Furuuchi at Joe's Pub

Joe's Pub

New York City, NY (United States of America)
  • 21.09.2010
  • 7:30PM
  • $20
  • Toko Furuuchi at Joe's Pub - Japanese pop star Toko Furuuchi is back again. After the performance last year to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her album "In Love Again", she has been continuously working aggressively with top Japanese artists both as a singer and songwriter. Her latest album "PURPLE” was released in Japan on March 3rd.

    Toko picked up music while listening to Billy Joel, Hall & Oates, and Elton John records while in junior high school. After graduating high school in Connecticut, Toko moved to back to Japan to embark on a recording career. She saw her first release "Hayaku Isoide" followed by an album "SLOW DOWN" in 1993. Her turning point as an artists came when she released the 4th album "Strength" in 1995. The album was a huge success feat. renowned artists like David Sanborn. In 1996, her single "Dareyori Sukinanoni" and its album "Hourglass" dominated the Japanese CD charts. Her follow up album "Koi" in 1997 became a double platinum hit in Japan. Recently, Toko has been performing many acoustic piano shows throughout Japan.
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