Sakurai Atsushi


also known as:   Atsushi Sakurai  
major - active (2004 - )
Sakurai Atsushi, the acclaimed vocalist for rock band BUCK-TICK, has made several hits as a solo artist. Having collaborated with a plethora of various musicians and composers, the music style in his solo work is fairly broad. Consistently identifiable as rock, his songs typically have dark overtones and his lyrics transmit a distinctive world view, exploring the malice and hatred in the depths of our hearts that gouge out the human essence, reason, society and organization, the estrangement and friction produced within the physical world, self-love and self-admonition.

Despite the diversity in his songs, his distinctive voice is immediately identifiable. Having described himself early on as a quiet person not much for talking, once he takes the stage Sakurai is an incredible performer - outgoing, wild, and dynamic, appearing with his trademark longish black hair and black clothes. Regardless of the project he's working on, the vocalist with over two decades of experience has influenced many in the Japanese music scene, and is an amazing entertainer bordering on legendary.
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