indies - active (1995 - )
BLAM HONEY is an industrial electronic band that was around for about five years before they disbanded in 2001. After nearly an eight year break, Ryonai has reformed the band.

Their musical style, which has been described as "industrial with a gothic sense" is unmistakable, and the band is always experimenting. Their look fits perfectly with their sound: a mix of PVC and vinyl, plus sharp, metallic accessories. Overall the look is a great example of fetish style that matched the band’s old nickname for themselves when Tatsuya was part of the band, "Industrial Gender Unit."

The band members have American artists Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy as influences.
line up
  • Synthetic guitar, Percussion: Ryonai
  • Vocals, Guitar, Percussion: Tatsuya [1995 / 2004 - deceased]
  • Vocals: Hyugo [2010 / 2010 - gone]
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  • Chaotic Harmony
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