indies - disbanded (2015 - 2018)
Formed in 2015 by Yukari, Yazuki and Sakiya from the disbanded group 0801ni209XX6, GAMEOVER were a visual rock band with an interesting concept. The members were all players in a deadly game: they all wore metal collars set to explode if they tried to abandon the game, take them off, break the rules or if they got a “game over”. Their shows are all referred to as “games”.

Their music was fairly typical of the visual kei scene, consisting mainly of rock songs infused with electronic elements. However, their catchy choruses, frequent references to video games, their concept's storyline and Yukari’s dramatic vocals brought a distinctive flair to their sound.

The game eventually did end in January 2018.
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  • Drums: Sera [2015 / 2016 - gone]
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