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Visual kei band Misaruka had their second one-man live at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Cyber and will hold their first one-man tour in October.

Visual kei band Misaruka had their second one-man live, titled Juliet, at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Cyber on April 26th. Some eager fans came from distant prefectures to join in on a defining night of the band’s five-year career before the long awaited breakthrough--the band will hold their first one man tour in four cities: Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo in October. Misaruka has a lot of songs inspired by well-known classics, such as “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen and “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. The band’s vocalist, rui, exhibits different personas in songs by embodying characters in the stories, such as a prince, a mermaid in love, and even a jealous witch. Consequently, the band’s performance in a way becomes like a visual kei live-band-style musical show, with some elegant waltz steps and a lot of headbanging involved.

Opening act by Synk;yet

The opening act scheduled for this event was another visual kei band, Synk;yet. Synk;yet is a relatively new band from label Starwave Records, to which Misaruka also belongs. This promising band has just released their second mini album, titled Sacred Symphony, and is now gearing up for their first one-man live on November 18th in Tokyo.

Already, the live house was filled to capacity to enjoy the opening act. After a black out, Synk;yet’s members entered the stage one-by-one: first drummer Kouji, then bassist Shiori and guitarist Rino, and finally vocalist Liki.

Rino’s aggressive riffs started the opening song, [Re]:birth. Soon after, a heavy bass sound from Shiori and pounding drum beats from Kouji blasted fans. Liki’s hooking sweet voice made the symphonic metal song both catchy and glamorous at the same time. Following the vocalist’s lead, fans jumped around, creating a mosh pit. Liki then stirred up the fans with “Let’s set a great atmosphere for Misaruka”.

Later, the band played the touching ballad, blessing rain. Putting his hand on his chest, Shiori sung along without using a microphone, but his warmth communicated to fans. Synk;yet then finished the opening act with Fake Out. “Come on! Jump at us!” Liki provoked fans while Rino’s hard guitar strokes and Shiori’s shouts aroused them. Fans, one after the other, rushed to the front row, and Liki literally grabbed them. With Kouji’s drum solo signaling the end of the act, everyone was ready for the night’s main event.

Main Act by Misaruka

While waiting for the main act to start, fans put glow sticks around their wrists. Suddenly, an instrumental version of Prologue started to play, and the band’s logo was projected onto the black curtain on the stage. Then, the title of the one-man live, Juliet, appeared. After the stage was unveiled, the band members, all dressed in noble clothing and a dress, made their entrances and settled at their respective positions on stage. First was vocalist rui, then came guitaristrin in a red dress, second guitarist sawah, bassist azami and finally drummer vetchie.

“Dear our beloveds, this song is for you”. rui escorted fans to the opening number, Juliet, which is a brightening love song with a melodious guitar rhythm describing Romeo’s love for Juliet. The fans all kneeled down on the floor with their arms opened wide to show their appreciation for rin’s majestic guitar solo, who in response, smiled gently at them.

“Are you ready, Juliet?” rui asked the fans. Suddenly, the band became aggressive with the second song, Curse of Contract. This was a prelude for the songs to follow, which described the struggles between the fates of a little mermaid and a prince. Fans responded to the symphonic unison of guitars of sawah and rin with violent head bangs, but sawah shouted out the chorus, as if he was asking more from them. The band then played the heroic number Prince, the blind unrequited love songs of a little mermaid, sin and Forbidden, and also Why only me, a heart-breaking song about a witch’s self-hatred. rui, singing with either a clear high note, whisper or anguishing shout, articulately portrayed the different characters.

Out of nowhere, the fire alarm of the venue went off. Fortunately, it was a false alarm. “I guess your guys’ passion made the alarm went off”, rui laughed. He took the moment to announce the upcoming one-man tour in October and also thanked fans for their continuous support, encouraging them that Misaruka is always there for them.

Shortly after, he invited fans to a ball in the eighth song, L'oiseau blue. A graceful melody of a synthesizer started to play, and azami and rin put their instruments aside. They showed elegant dance steps while rui sang sweetly at the center of the stage. Following their leads, fans also waltzed with the members. Uncharacteristically, azami also suggested fans to imitate his choreography and made a turn with them. At the end of the song, three lead dancers made bows together.

Later, the band created an even more romantic mood by playing Kanon. “This song is about the wedding ceremony of Romeo and Juliet. My best friend’s wedding gave me an inspiration to craft it. This is a very happy song”, rui said. Indeed, Kanon would make a great wedding song, celebrating two lives coming together as one. Fans were swept by rui’s tender, heartfelt voice and beautiful harmony of the guitars. The echoing sound of wedding bells and a warm vibrating sound of azami’s bass guitar left fans with sweetness.

However, the wedding singer wanted more action. “This is the last song. Are you ready?!” The last and the most rampaging number, My Dear Rose, unleashed chaos in the live house. Fans headbanged with the relentless drum beats of vetchie. sawah also came to the front and pointed at his head while fueling them with his cutting guitar riffs. “I will catch you! Come to me!” rui shouted to fans. rin also elegantly invited fans. Irresistibly, fans rushed--some literally jumped to the front row--and held onto members. “Don’t forget! We are here!” rui shouted while catching fans by their hands. “I will catch everything of you!” the vocalist passionately yelled at fans. A rather violent physical contact created an even stronger bond between the band and their fans.

The fans then called for encore and presented flowers to each member when they returned to the stage. The band closed the show with Rosary, wherein they enjoyed the same physical interaction with fans for the last time. “We are happy to be here with you tonight. Thank you!” rui bid farewell, and the members took their last bows. Deeply satisfied, the fans applauded the members.

Misaruka and their fans, whom rui called “Juliet”, are now moving on to the next stage of their shared dream.

You can watch Misaruka’s tour announcement video below:

Set list

Opening act by Synk;yet

1. [Re]:birth
2. Messiah
3. blessing rain
4. Sacred Symphony
5. Fake Out

Main act by Misaruka

1. Juliet
2. Curse of Contract
3. Prince
4. Sin
5. Forbidden
6. Gilia
7. Why only me
8. L'oiseau blue
9. Baiser
10. Segla
11. Jester
12. Kanon
13. Ariel
14. My Dear Rose


15. Violet
16. Rosary
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