CREATURE CREATURE SPRING TOUR 2013-Phantom Cocoon Drawls Infinity

live report - 21.05.2013 10:01

Rock band Creature Creature gave a show of chaos and beauty at Tokyo’s Shibuya Rex during their spring tour.

Creature Creature embarked on their spring tour Phantom Cocoon Drawls Infinity on March 23rd. The show held on April 20th at Tokyo’s Shibuya Rex was the band’s fourth show in the middle of seven.

The band’s vocalist MORRIE is considered to be one of the originators of what is known today as J-Rock. Even today, he is a leading figure in the Japanese music scene. Creature Creature is one of his projects, as is the legendary DEAD END where he is also the lead singer. In a way, the band is a compact picture of the heritage of J-rock as it includes big names such as guitarist Shinobu (The Legendary Six Nine), guitarist Hiro (ex. La’cryma Christi), drummer Sasabuchi Hiroshi (ex. Plastic Tree), and bassist Hitoki (Kuroyume).

The crowd filling Shibuya Rex to capacity waited eagerly for the beginning of the show. Suddenly, atmospheric background music started to play, and the band members one by one entered the stage. MORRIE, all clad in black, took the center of the stage. Strumming sounds of guitars introduced the opening song Mirrors. At first MORRIE gently sung under the dim red stage light, but the song suddenly became heavy, and his voice intensified with the bursting drum beat and heavy guitar riffs. Fans were already captured by MORRIE whose voice now shifted to a fragile high note. Frequent yet smooth modulations during songs were one of the remarkable features of the show. During the second song Shinku, guitarists Shinobu and Hiro showed a dramatic contrast of clear strumming sounds and heavy riffs, but they joined together during the united guitar solos. The expression of two different elements, such as tranquility and destructiveness, as well as gracefulness and madness, was especially remarkable during the fourth song Phallus Phaser. From deep vocals to celestial falsetto, MORRIE’s voice freely traveled through different dimensions while the focused band carried the singer through complex transitions. The expressiveness of each member made the performance believable.

The band then showed a dark and enigmatic side during the sixth song Gone By Rain and the following number Black Hole. MORRIE took his jacket off as if indicating the warm up was over. Glamorous and dangerous at the same time, his eyes grew even more sharpened. His powerful shout, the tight guitar riff, and edgy bass line created a sinister atmosphere on the stage during the songs. However, the fans’ mood softened when the band continued to the eighth song, Kurumeki, and the crowd released their hands freely in response to the melodious number. Later, one of the climaxes of the show was marked by a sublime and a dramatic number Andromeda, which is the last number on their latest album PHANTOMS. Purple lights lit the stage veiled with white smoke. The band ensemble created a cosmic atmosphere parted from physical reality as MORRIE sung as if describing the journey of a phantom dissolving into infinity, and its anguished longing. The fans silently gazed at the members on the stage.

Suddenly, MORRIE threw an empty drink bottle from the stage, his cheekiness making the fans laugh. However, the band continued to show its ruthless insanity in the numbers Violent Rose, Psyche, and Golden Game. Aggressive backing choruses and equally agitating play from the guitarists and bassist created chaos in the venue. In response, the fans eagerly absorbed the energy bursting out from the stage. MORRIE showed a hauntingly menacing stage presence as if he were descended from the dark side. Beautifully and transcendentally in the center of the mayhem, he held everyone captive with his vocals. “Thank you!” he shouted and briefly left the stage. Yet again, he teased his fans by saying, “I did not go to toilet, by the way” as he returned to the stage, and the crowd laughed. The band then introduced everyone to the new song Labyrinth.

“We will go non-stop from here to the end, are you ready?” MORRIE asked the fans, and they responded with a loud cheer. During the melodious number, Rakuene, guitarists Shinobu and Hiro played beautiful twin guitars. The two guitarists were very precise when synchronizing their guitar play throughout the show. Meanwhile, violent beats from the bass and drums added destructiveness to the song and provoked the fans to lose control. “On bass, Hitoki!” MORRIE shouted to begin with the 17th song, Sexus. Hitoki came to the front and showed his berserk bass solo. His head banged while his bass line lifted Hiro’s top-speed, tapping guitar solo. Shinobu also joined them while giving a seductive look to the fans in the front row. “Can you do more?" MORRIE asked, resembling the next song’s title Dead Rider himself. He escorted the fans further into an infernal world. Frenzied and merciless, his shouts and growls took the last bit of sanity from the crowd, who fist pumped and head banged in response. While red and white strobe lights lit the stage, drummer Sasabuchi Hiroshi boosted the final song Swan. He showed intense aggression throughout the show, but always remained in control of navigating the band’s complex numbers all the way. MORRIE lifted his right arm as the drummer hit the final beat. Then, the vocalist thanked the crowd and they left the stage.

The show had two encores. During the second encore MORRIE told fans that he would like to share moments like today for as long as his life continues. The band exhibited both atmospheric numbers, such as Death is a Flower and Hien, as well as a hard yet pop number, Red, during which the fans sang along. The band finished the show with the explosive number Aurora. "Thank you," MORRIE bid farewell to the fans. Hiro, Shinobu, and Hitoki threw their picks to the crowd, and Sasabuchi Hiroshi gave a deep bow. The crowd continued their warm ovation to the members even after they left the stage.

Creature Creature would next hit Nagoya and Osaka. The night in Tokyo marked a successful turn in the middle of their Spring Tour.

Set List:

1. Mirrors
2. Shinku
3. Fire Burn With Me
4. Phallus Phaser
5. Dream Caller
6. Gone By Rain
7. Black Hole
8. Kurumeki
9. Andromeda
10. Violent Rose
11. Psyche
12. Golden Game
13. Labyrinth
14. Tenshuranman
15. Rakuene
16. Amor Fati
17. Sexus
18. Dead Rider
19. Swan

Encore 1

20. Death is a Flower
21. Hien
22. Red

Encore 2

23. Hoshitsuki
24. Aurora
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