Tommy heavenly6 - monochrome rainbow

review - 13.02.2012 11:01

Latest release from Tommy heavenly6, in preparation for a new album in February.

Released October 26, monochrome rainbow is Tommy heavenly6’s tenth single. The title track, monochrome rainbow, was used as the ending theme for the second season of "Bakuman."

monochrome rainbow features Tommy heavenly6’s leading lady’s nasal but powerful voice. Melodic pop-rock guitar riffs, played in a minor key, hang in the background; the guitar solo is pleasant. Throughout the track, the strong vocals evoke something deep in the listener as you can identify with her emotions.

The over ten minutes B-side I'M YOUR DEVIL (Halloween Remix) shows a different side of emotions — something a little darker. The almost three minute-long intro is a series of rhetorical questions: “Who am I?” “Who are you?” and continues to say what she is not. The extra intro was not part of the original version of I’M YOUR DEVIL. A small excerpt of dialogue between the girl and a power-hungry male character (vocals provided by writer James De Barrado) surrounds a large portion of the original version of the track. He visits the girl in the song in the dark of the night and takes her on a journey. These same questions appear throughout the extended remix of the track I'M YOUR DEVIL and in the final two minutes, the male character states that “he’ll return” and to “be ready for the nightmare,” followed by a goodbye. This Halloween remix sounds like a cross between "Alice in Wonderland" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" — very unexpected!

No matter what project Tomoko Kawase is part of — The Brilliant Green and alter-ego projects, Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6 — she always manages to release a hit, packed with emotion and sincerity.

Below are the short PVs for monochrome rainbow and I'M YOUR DEVIL (Halloween Remix) 6:45 version. The latter isn’t as long as the full ten-minute track, but the original intentions of the remix are still conveyed.

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