Dolly's 6th Anniversary One-man – Stereo soutaiseiriron [L]

live report - 06.02.2012 11:01

Visual band Dolly took command of Shibuya Star Lounge to celebrate their anniversary, Halloween, and the special connection they have with their fans.

The threatening rain couldn’t keep Dolly’s devoted fans away from Shibuya Star Lounge for the second day of the band’s anniversary live entitled Stereo Soutaiseiriron [L], the last word referring to the theory of relativity. A crowd of predominantly female fans with even a few foreign faces waited patiently for the start of the show. Star Lounge may not be the best nor biggest live house in Shibuya but surely is the one that fits the band’s style the most. Red walls and a thick, heavy blood red curtain surrounded the black-clad crowd – a few lolitas standing out in the otherwise “normal” looking audience. Two robust, rusty chandeliers dangled over the crowd, the venue reminiscent of early 20th century European Gentleman’s Clubs.

As the curtains moved, revealing the modest stage, smoke crept from the ceiling. One by one Dolly made their entrance to blue and white lights. Drummer Tsuguki was followed by guitarist Masa and bassist Hachi, vocalist Mitsu the last to make an appearance. With the words “To express my love!” escaping the vocalist’s mouth in a whisper, the band dove into Closet Letter. The slow song allowed Mitsu to warm up, showing right away an impressive vocal range and great confidence on stage. All hands rose welcoming JULIET, and this time it was Hachi’s time to shine as he delivered some hot bass lines in a fiery performance. The gentle piano in the background and the jazzy tune did wonders for the crowd who followed the hand choreographies with ease. Very dramatic, Mitsu moved around, reaching his hand up high to emphasize the lyrics, and with a pain filled, angry growl he let the name “JULIET!!!” escape his mouth for the song’s finale.

revolver’s-go-round had an interesting start with the audience clapping to the drums, the smooth bass joining in before all hell broke loose with hair flying for the head banging. The three men in the front did a good job working the crowd who followed the choreographies easily. “Lend me your voices! Are you ready?” Mitsu yelled before SCRAP BULLET [7DAYS] blasted off. Mitsu resembled a circus lion tamer, commanding the fans who moved their hands right and left with the determinate drums and waved in unison. All hands in the air welcomed Masa and his impetuous solo, bass, guitar and drums mingling together in an interesting combination.

Welcoming the fans with the promise of not losing to the previous day’s show, the band dove into a set of lulling ballads to sweet piano and melancholic guitars. Amefuri no eigakan and Kuroneko no Catherine were very well accomplished, the vocalist adopting dramatic poses as he uttered each word with intensity and the crowd swayed to the jazzy sound.

Ringo shou and Mirror, mirage brought us back to the circus with a great beat, the transition to the heavier songs very smooth. The drums and bass stood out throughout both, Mitsu and the crowd showing unparalleled energy as they jumped around and clapped. To celebrate the Halloween spirit the band graced the fans with a song from their first single that caused a true revolution. Twirling, turning and clapping, both band and fans seemed to be having a blast during Pumpkin Carriage Parade. All hands rose for Hachi and Masa as they took turns stealing the spotlight with very fiery solos. Letting both the band and the crowd regain some energy after the euphoric performance, Dolly engaged in the night’s first long MC. “I know it’s late, but it was Halloween!” confessed the vocalist, justifying the choice of that last song. “It’s amazing you remember the choreographies for that one!” he added with a proud smile. In reply to the fan’s demand, Tsuguki took the mic, talking about the previous night’s performance. “And how about our new outfits?” asked Mitsu to which the drummer added with a teasingly baby-like voice, “Mitsu, you are so cute!” The crowd couldn’t stop laughing as the vocalist pouted disapprovingly. The amusing MC continued with the band members teasing each other. The interaction between the audience and the band was heartwarming, contributing to the band’s success and faithful legion of followers.

The MC ended and all the lights went down for Tengai no jinkou teien. Mitsu, now on guitar, was back in character doing a great job singing and helping with the rhythm. The catchy beat of the fast ballad was contagious and Dolly drowned Star Lounge in the music. Getting rid of his guitar the vocalist stepped back, giving way to the bassist and drummer who led Ussetsu drop. The crowd responded to the heavier beat by thrashing their heads and moving right and left with the vocalist. Despite the small stage, Dolly made the best use of the space moving around and interacting with the crowd constantly.

“Are you ready for more!” the vocalist yelled, asking the audience to jump. And jump the crowd did for Haruurarakana, 503fusa before jumping was overcome by euphoric head banging. The energy was palpable, everyone following the choreographies zealously. A deafening cheer was the fans' reaction to Jiorama Neverland. At once the three front men started moving in unison, and wasting no time, the audience followed. Thrashing heads and vigorous jumping followed. Dolly put all their energy into the performance and controlled the crowd with mastery! With the crowd on fire – and two songs to go – Mitsu demanded more. A guitar intro announced Yuuyami ni oboreta shiroi balloon for more jumping and amusing choreographies – with the fans flashing hearts at the band! Under a sweet piano intro Mitsu thanked the fans for their support, then introducing Toki no ressha. The way the vocalist pronounced each word, a strong determinate edge that contrasted with the band’s otherwise sweet look, made a big impact. The small growls left his mouth in a pain-filled lament full of strength and determination, the guitar adding to atmosphere. And with the whole live house singing the chorus of this fierce ballad, the band bid their farewells to the fans.

The encore demand came right away and the audience didn’t have to wait long before the four men returned. Wasting no time, they dove into Hoshi no sunadokei. Suiting the song’s title, which roughly translates to “Star hourglass,” a sparkling mirror ball suspended over the crowd twirled, leaving a trail of star-like rain across the room. The blue lights fit the lulling ballad perfectly, Mitsu’s dramatic growls adding intensity to the piece. Into the night the weeping guitar sped off, thoughts lingering through the sands of time – like the merry-go-round brought by the tune. As we approached the grand finale, Mitsu let the crowd speak, the venue singing in unison in a beautiful, heartwarming performance.

“Thank you for the encore!” the vocalist said wholeheartedly. Taking the mic, Tsuguki asked Masa to introduce the band’s goods and the two took over. The interaction between both was quite amusing as they revealed some fun – random – facts about each other to a laughing crowd. In a more reserved tone Mitsu cut in confessing he particularly liked the goods this time. “I don’t really mind if you buy many things or not! I mean, I’m happy if you like our goods enough to buy them but I don’t care if we make a lot of money!” he confided before adding with a smile as he glanced back at Tsuguki, “The leader will get mad at me for saying this!” And from goods to friendship the talk flew, the vocalist asking the crowd who they thought got a long with whom. “Ok, clap if you think the two people I mention get along!” he asked. The pair MasaHachi got plenty of claps but the crowd went teasingly silent every time Tsuguki was mentioned! Among laughs and faked annoyance the chat moved on to the relationship between the bassist and vocalist, all agreeing they seemed like good friends. The two seemed surprised by the crowd’s reaction, the chain of thoughts leading to a dream. “I had a dream once in which Hachi and I got into a big fight!” Mitsu confessed. “We were all at a department store!” he explained shyly, anticipating the crowds amused reaction to the strange setting. “We had a fight and Hachi left. When we got back to the studio someone told me he had been in an accident!” Now with tearful eyes the vocalist confided, “I woke up and I cried.” The crowd let out sympathetic gasps as he continued, “When I saw him again I just ran to him and said 'sorry!'” Cries of “That’s so cute!” filled the hall and Mitsu rushed to change the topic – and the now solemn mood that lingered!

Back in character the vocalist let out a cry: “Can you still move? Are you ready for more?” Usagi uta, the rabbit song, brought back frantic jumping, head banging and moshing. The cute choreographies (that included flashing hearts at the band and jumping like the song’s title bunny) and colorful lights refreshingly contrasted with the heavy thrashing of heads to shouts of “Oi!” that accompanied the song. Putting their hearts in the performance, Dolly moved around the stage interacting with the fans and even helping them with the furi (choreography). But it was with a hopeful ballad that the band bid their farewells. Hana uta allowed Mitsu to display his impressive vocal and performing skills alongside steady drums, confident guitars and passionate bass lines in an angry lament.

It was indeed a memorable show and a great way to celebrate the band’s sixth anniversary surrounded by their devoted fans. We wish Dolly the best from now on and look forward to more adventures in their unique world.

Set list

SE Strings
1. Closet Letter
3. revolver’s-go-round
SE Parade
5. Amefuri no eigakan
6. Kuroneko no Catherine
7. Ringo shou
8. Mirror, mirage
9. Pumpkin Carriage Parade
10. Tengai no jinkou teien
11. Ussetsu drop
12. Haruurarakana, 503fusa
13. Jiorama Neverland
14. Yuuyami ni oboreta shiroi balloon
15. Toki no ressha
16. Hoshi no sunadokei
17. Usagi uta
18. Hana uta
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