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interview - 09.11.2011 11:01

JaME had the chance to interview the glamorous visual kei band Misaruka, shortly before the release of their latest single -Cailleach Rosary-.

In our first interview with Misaruka, JaME asked this fresh and promising visual kei band about their past, present and the future. Enter the world created by Misaruka and get to know the band itself, the members, project-Merrow-, their latest release titled -Cailleach Rosary- and much more.

This is your first appearance for JaME, so could you please introduce yourselves?

rui: I'mm rui, the vocalist.
rin: I am rin, guitarist.
sawah: I am sawah, guitarist.
azami: I'm azami, on bass.
vetchie: I am vetchie, I'm the drummer.

What is the meaning behind the name 'Misaruka' and why did you choose it?

rui: Misaruka is derived from the words that consecutively mean 'mass' and 'St. Luke'. This name is a tribute to the oldest Christian tradition and we put a lot of thought into this name.

Can you tell us more about your band's concept?

rin: Our music fuses the symphonic sound of piano and strings with a band sound. Our songs also feature certain stories.

What made the new members decide to join Misaruka?

rin: An opportunity opened up when two guitarists withdrew from Misaruka. I think it's God who gathered us together.

Which song would you recommend to people who have just discovered your music? Can you explain your choice?

rui: -Cailleach Rosary-, it is our new single.
rin: Yes, I recommend it too. It is really cool.

What inspired you to become musicians?

rui: I like intertwining songs with stories.
rin: I become a musician naturally.
azami: I respect a lot of great rock bands. Moreover, I like to perform soul music and funk music.

What would you do if you weren't making music?

rui: I'd be writing books.
rin: I would hold a tea party in my castle everyday.
azami: I think I would live my life calmly in my home town.
sawah: I'd become a comedian.

What is your attitude towards visual kei? Do you feel good in this genre?

rui: I want us to be beautiful both visually and in sound. So it's all right to be in this genre.

What do you do to separate yourselves from other visual kei bands which are similar? What are your strong and weak sides?

azami: Having faith makes us strong.
rui: It is not important that there might be similar bands. I just sing my story, that's it.
rin: I think the same way. I am me, and other people are not me.
sawah: I think I just should do what I want to do.

Who designs your costumes and what's the relation between your visuals and your music?

rui: The costumes are created after the members consult with the designers. It's an important part to tempt you into a story using visuals.

After your break you also changed your clothing style. Previously, your pictures were dominated by the color white and often had a red background. Now it's white and blue. Why make this change? Does that mean something?

rui: It has changed, and now the mermaid's story is our theme.
rin: The blue expresses the sea where the mermaid is living.

azami, you were a supporting bassist for GPKISM. How did your collaboration with them go?

azami: He is an excellent musician and a businessman. GPK has a good voice, he is a good vocalist.

In 2008 you announced Misaruka's hiatus which was caused by the need to find replacements for your guitarists. Was it difficult to find the right members? How did the recruiting process go?

rui: It was a very difficult problem. However, the process of adapting turned out to be easy. I felt that we fit well with the other band members.

You went on a break after both of your guitarists left. Later you found the new guitarists and started a session band, project-Merrow-. Why didn't you just continue Misaruka with these two new members?

rui: With project-Merrow- we wanted to begin a completely new story.

Did the change in guitarists influence your music, and if so, what kind of influence was it?

rui: It gained a strong support which expanded the breadth of our story.
rin: I think the sound became more heavy and rock oriented.

Why did you choose the story of Little Mermaid as your concept?

rui: I was fascinated with this vain story, so I featured it as the theme.

Why did you decide to join Starwave Records after your revival? What advantages did the label change bring?

rui: Starwave Records was essential to revive us.
azami: We liked Kiwamu's personality. I discovered the joy in cooperation with label mates.

Joining Starwave Records seems like a breakthrough for your band because of Kiwamu's worldwide liaisons, don't you think? Do you hope to play overseas someday?

rui: I have always dreamed of the world stage.
rin: Yes, of course. I really want to go abroad and play music.
sawah: I want to try it.
azami: We are interested in the activities in foreign countries very much.
vetchie: Of course!

You started your activities in Tokyo. Do you think that Tokyo has its own specific music style within the visual kei scene? Like for example the Nagoya, Osaka or Hiroshima bands have?

vetchie: Artists of various styles of music gather in Tokyo. I think this variety is Tokyo's hallmark.
azami: Tokyo is full of miscellaneous activities. I don't feel it has its own characteristics so much.

Where do you think it is more difficult to become famous as a visual kei band, in Tokyo or outside, in other big cities?

rui: I don't know. Some of my friends are famous artists and they come from different regions.

On the one hand there is far more competition within Tokyo, on the other hand the fan scene isn't that big in other cities. Do you think you would have gotten so far and achieved so much if, for example, you had started in Sendai or Sapporo?

vetchie: I think that might be the case. I came to Tokyo for success.
rin: It doesn't matter where I started my activity.

On April 17th you held a memorial concert for Misaruka's return, titled Reborn et Sequential. What are your memories in connection with this event?

azami: Our conviction is to exceed the old Misaruka.
rui: I was able to meet the smiles of all the fans again.
vetchie: I realized there is hope in our future again.
rin: To be frank, in the beginning I had an uneasiness when I stood on the stage as a member of Misaruka. But the uneasiness passed when I heard the voices of all the fans. That day was the beginning of our legend.

Can you describe your latest single, -Cailleach Rosary-?

rui: This single focuses on the witch's story. She is the witch from the -Merrow- Story.

Do you plan to release a full album in the next few months?

rui: That's still a secret.

Recently you made your song -CURSE OF CONTRACT- available for free download. Why did you decide to do that? Have you noticed any effects of this type of promoting?

vetchie: I thought many people should be able to know us. We received many responses.

You gave your overseas fans an opportunity to get your music legally. Do you know if many overseas fans use this option?

vetchie: Of course. Thank you all.
rui: I always think about ways of marketing, and this is just one of them.

Your free download song -CURSE OF CONTRACT- has both classical and modern elements from the visual kei scene. Did you intend to have that mix, so that fans of old school visual kei could also enjoy it?

azami: That's right. The good old things should be inherited.
rui: It's intended to have both, classical and modern elements.

What are your plans for the next months after Misaruka's revival?

vetchie: We have big plans.
rin: There are a number of plans that only God knows. It is still a secret. So please look forward to new announcements.
rui: First we send out the story of -Merrow-.

Do you want to leave any message to your fans and JaME readers, who might discover you thanks to this interview?

rui: I want to reach a person who likes music, enjoys stories, and wants to feel it all. The time to go and meet everybody will come in the near future, so please check us out.
rin: I'm saying this not only to long-time fans but also to fans who have gotten to know us after reading this interview - Let's love each other with big love. The border between countries is a very small wall for music, so we will break that wall.
sawah: Ohayossu~(Hi!). Don't forget to purchase -Cailleach Rosary-.
azami: Listen to a lot of good music and live a happy life.
vetchie: Thank you for your support. One day I will go where you live.

JaME would like to thank Misaruka and Kiwamu for making this interview possible.

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