Dolly - Moonlight Disco

review - 05.06.2011 10:01

Dolly's second major release is yet another hit in the indie visual kei world.

Released on March 30, Moonlight Disco offers three similar tracks that take the listener into another world. Being Dolly’s second major release, they have come this far and continue to impress. Around the time of its release, we held an interview with the band about the single, which can be read here.

The title track, Moonlight Disco, opens with a psychedelic blossom of sound. Mysterious, as the title of the track suggests, Moonlight Disco is a song to play at the depth of the night, when it is quiet and everything creative awakens. A bit relaxed as compared to previous singles, the title track has the feeling of wandering through old, run-down carnival for no reason, in the middle of the night. Everything catches the listener’s attention: the crunch of the leaves, the uneven ground, and the abandoned carnival grounds. The vocals are toned down in some areas like the hook to the chorus, and act like the wind, guiding the listener through a maze and out through the exit before returning to their own world. Night-owls: this is the song for you.

The second track, Angelfish no namida carries the same laid-back feeling from Moonlight Disco, but the reversed opening chords seems to draw the listener in further. The backing track—if paid attention to—could represent a playful journey of discovery whilst on a fish's back. Each minuscule detail is magnified because of the size of the fish.

The third track of the maxi-single, Music's Cube, slams opens to a bright melody. A melody in a major chord, 80s inspired synthesizers, shrill vocals—this track has it all. The hook between each verse before the chorus sounds space-age-like.

Overall, each track of the three takes the listener on a journey—something each and every musical act aims to do throughout their works. Moonlight Disco does just this and more.

The maxi-single release includes a DVD containing the PV for Moonlight Disco as well as a few other making-of clips.
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