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interview - 24.05.2011 10:01

A fossil evolving in darkness

Vocalist Arimura Ryutarou suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome last year, so PlasticTree’s schedule was thrown into disarray for a time. However, we always think this band is really strong in the face of adversity. Ryutarou recovered quickly, and they’ll release their new album Ammonite on April 6th, after only a brief delay. The album has aggressive songs reminding us of their lives and overpowering us with the sheer vitality of the band. We asked the band members about their new challenges.

First, what kind of the album did you want to make this time?

Hasegawa Tadashi: The keyword was ‘night’. Maybe, after we made Moonlight----. (the single released last July) we had the idea of night. Yet, it does include some songs that have nothing to do with night.

But there are some pretty hard songs not included in the single; were they based on the night theme?

Hasegawa Tadashi: When we made it, we didn’t consciously make the sounds dark. There are more songs that make you feel ‘night’ rather than imagine darkness, I think.

I see. The title is also good. How did you think of Ammonite?

Arimura Ryutarou: We simply decided the theme would be night, and it has the same pronunciation of night (=nite).(laugh)

It was a pun? I shouldn't have asked you.(smile)

Arimura Ryutarou: No, I say it often.(laugh) I think a pun is used to make rhythm, and words make mysterious chemical reactions. The word Ammonite remains with you and you remember it quickly. I usually think at night, and the image in my thoughts loops. It has always been a word that inspired me. I think I prefer it most among fossils, as it doesn’t seem like a creature, and it's strange. I feel like I finally got to use it.

I can see you tried various new challenges, so I want to ask you about them…..This time, (Satou) KenKen challenged himself by writing lyrics and making songs. Could you tell us about the lyrics of Setsugetsuka (Snow, moon, flower)?

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