Zy 45: miyavi

interview - 28.03.2009 23:00

While My Guitar And I Sing Together

miyavi had great success this year, completing his long-cherished world tour in 2008, and gaining even more momentum in 2009. He concluded PS COMPANY's 10th anniversary event, Peace&Smile Carnival in Nippon Budokan on January 3rd with a very original and well critiqued performance. miyavi will perform a live at HIBIYA YAGAI DAIONGAKUDOU on April 5th to reveal "his future." This will be his second live there, and it will show us what we can expect from him this year. We asked him what he thought about the Yaon (HIBIYA YAGAI DAIONGAKUDOU) live and about his future.

This issue will be released in March, so there is a little time until then. However, could you tell us about your impression of the 10th anniversary event from January 3rd?

miyavi: Did you see it?

Of course. (laugh) It had such warmth. I enjoyed it very much.

miyavi: Well, we started working from the beginning of the New Year and didn't take any time off. However, because it was the 10th anniversary of our office, it was a good turning point for all of us. Especially for me, I have gotten along with the office almost all the time for the past ten years, so my position in this event was not only to do my own live. Nor was it to send my music out, but I had a role; that was organizing and making the event a success. Therefore, the nuance of this event was a little bit different from Peace&Smile Carnival tour, which we did in 2005. This time, I put a real emphasis on carrying out the role given to me. Putting the venue together, deciding where the bands performed, allowing them to mess around (laugh) as they liked, so I could make the whole venue happy. Of course, I did have messages of my own on show, and I also knew that I should make the audience happy. It was good to be able to round off the event and to celebrate our embarkation in 2009 together, I think.

And miyavi, you did such a great performance.

miyavi: Well, honestly speaking, it wasn't that easy to play. (laugh) Even though it was the event of my managing office, it was like I was playing an "away" live. When the beat boxer appeared, the audience was like, "Who is that rather big man?" (laugh) I wanted to clear the venue of atmosphere and fill it with a void for a moment, so I could send my own messages, kind of like a re-set button. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to round off the event, right? If I appeared and I said something like, "Yeah!" the audience would have already reached their saturation point so I thought I should turn them back to zero and create a flow that made them smile. So I played like that.

You appeared while playing the guitar, then messages were projected on the screen. I was impressed because your live was a little bit different from the others.

miyavi: As a solo artist, I wanted to deliver a real commanding appearance.

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