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interview - 04.03.2009 23:00

My Sweet Round-About

Plastic Tree worked energetically in 2008 to release their new album, Utsusemi, and did lives overseas as well as a domestic tour. On Christmas Eve, they'll release a DVD, Merry Go Around The World, which is a collection of their lives from 2008, and will start their winter tour, Utsusemi! Their tour final will be held at NHK Hall on January 30th, so they'll work without any breaks over the holiday season. We asked about the DVD and let them look back over their impressive events from 2008 in this interview.

When this magazine is released, your DVD, Merry Go Around The World will have just been released, so please tell us about it here. Is it like a road trip movie?

Ryutaro: Well, kind of since it has a lot of images from our trips to different places.

I heard that there are many images from overseas.

Tadashi: About half. Or a little more than half. I think the ratio is about 6:4.

Is it like a summary of your lives in 2008? As you look at the DVD, what are you impressed by?

Ryutaro: The first live on the European tour was in London, and there is a scene where I was on a natural high because I had finally gone to London. (laugh)

Tadashi: Ah, I was like that too. (smile)

Ryutaro: I noticed that I was floating around in a bubble the first day. But as the tour progressed, things became harder, physically.

Well, we can all understand your feelings, especially as the UK has influenced Plastic Tree so much.

Ryutaro: Yes, it's a mecca of rock for me.

Tadashi: I was very happy that we were able to do our first tour in the UK. It was good starting there too.

Sasabuchi: I remember that when we went to Greece, we brought instruments and materials and arrived at the venue, but it was still under construction.

What? The venue was still under construction?

Tadashi: Yes. It had just been built.

Sasabuchi: When we entered the venue, workers were still welding in many places. (laugh) So we couldn't do anything until they were finished.

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 44.
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