Anna Tsuchiya - Virgin Cat

review - 23.11.2010 17:33

Unexpectedly unusual.

When the American television series "The L Word" hit the DVD racks in Japan, released under the name "L no sekai" Anna Tsuchiya recorded the single Virgin Cat to promote it. The title song lures listeners in with its sound, which many would find unusual compared to Anna's other work.

The main song puts you in a good mood due to the stirring calls at the very beginning, but soon after the whole track falls into a swinging, leisurely-paced ground beat that seems to come directly from a big band. The song certainly grooves, but at the same time it seems sluggish and old-fashioned. Only the good chorus and the livelier refrain save the mood. Letting the song end with a "miaow" makes for a cute little flourish.

Imitation night is more in Anna's usual style; it really knocks you for a loop. From the very beginning, the track possesses a very thick, wistful atmosphere that is greatly supported by Anna's mysterious and dramatic vocals. Also convincing is the musical accompaniment, which consists of strong guitar chords, soft strings and a piano. The third track is the "LAVA Remix" of Virgin Cat. The original swing makes way for a soft rumba beat and a summer-light, relaxed feeling of holidays. Everything fits together better than in the "Original Mix;" and this remix also ends with Anna's cheeky miaow.

The song Virgin Cat lacks of the typical rock sound and Anna's dynamic voice, but the strong coupling track and the entertaining remix compensate for this drawback. Listen to the other tracks before the title song, you'll enjoy it more that way!
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