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interview - 05.02.2009 23:00

Precious days for the desperate band-life.

Kra was busy in 2008, releasing CDs and doing live tours, not to mention the creation of their new album, Life ~Today is a very good day to Die~ (on sale February 4th). As you can see, the title is very them (laugh). They were still recording when this interview was held and we asked them about the new album.

Eh...this interview is about your new album, Life ~Today is a very good day to Die~ the title is very dark isn't it?

Yasuno: Everyone feels negativity from it?

Not really. Rather than negativity, I feel irony.

Keiyu: Yeah there may be a bit of that in it too. But basically what we want to say is that we don't know when we will die, so we should live today as much as we can.

So it is kind of a shame that although the title has been decided, the content has not been finished by this interview.

Keiyu: We have almost finished all the songs. After we put vocals and chorus into two songs today, everything will be completed.

Unfortunately, I haven't listened to them yet. (smile) I want to ask all of you about the details of the kind of content it will be.

Keiyu: It's neither violent nor quiet. When you hear the word "Life" it might sound heartwarming, but... how can I say it...

Yasuno: The sounds are heavier and thicker than before. Of course, some of the tunings are low, but it feels really thick. For me, I think that I have a heavy image about "Life" rather than a heartwarming one.

Keiyu: Ah, I see!

We can't deal with life so...

Yasuno: You mean, "Don’t talk about life so lightly?" (laugh)

I won't say that. (laugh) So you mean that there are only a few bright songs?

Keiyu: Yes. I think that there are about two. But our work is usually like that. We are basically dark while our band's image is bright.

Yasuno: Yes, we are full of contradictions.

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 44.
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