HINOI team - Dancin' & Dreamin'

review - 28.03.2010 21:55

The last dance and dream of HINOI team.

For the time being, the last work of the pop group HINOI team combines catchy pop songs with eurobeat character. The sound is comparable to the songs of Avex colleagues, Dream.

To be honest, the songs of HINOI team and Dream are very similar in style. With HINOI team, one girl in the quartet takes the lead, and they only sing the chorus together. The bright electric beats sound discordant and somehow overexcited. Unfortunately, the sounds from the keyboard are predominant and dampen the lucky, fast character of Dancin’ & Dreamin’. Even the following songs have the weird keyboard chords, but in Please Forgive Me, a piano melody livens up the song; the keyboard isn’t as dominant and in the end, you’re listen to a touching and well-rounded track. Soft Christmas tunes greet the listener in Merry X’mas To The World, but the mood is quickly changed by fast guitars and synthesizers. The latter one sounds overexcited again and destroys the contemplative touch. Last but not least, there are the obligatory instrumental tracks, but they don't make much of an impression.

Because of the unusually bright synthesizer sounds, the songs are partly spoiled, so you should listen to some samples first before you commit to the single! However, the B-side Please Forgive Me might make the single worth it.
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