Zy 49: SAKITO (Nightmare)

interview - 10.01.2010 11:01

-maṇḍa la-sakito-izm-

GIANIZM will be released on January 1st, 2010, as the first part of Nightmare’s 10th anniversary celebration. It’s the perfect compilation album, including the missing number 4 and newly written 10, along with eight songs from Jishou (Shounen Terrorist) to GIANIZM 9. What is the position of the series “GIANIZM” for SAKITO, the composer of all the songs? And is his true aim to be a Gian now even though during high school he used to be obsessed with being clean and fresh?

What will the content of GIANIZM be like?

SAKITO: As for parts from Jishou (Shounen Terrorist) to GIANIZM 6, they were re-recorded. We didn’t add anything to them especially.

And then you made parts 4 and 10.

SAKITO: I made GIANIZM 4 before, but I didn’t get it to the stage of actually being a song. So we talked about making GIANIZM 10 first. But if we were only to use GIANIZM it wouldn’t be as cool so we finished GIANIZM 4 in the end.

Why did you make GIANIZM into a series?

SAKITO: I wonder why...After I made Jishou, GIANIZM 2 just happened... didn’t it? I don’t really remember anymore, but I think it started off with GIANIZM 2 also being able to be read as the number 2, so it kind of also had the meaning of being part of a series. I guess I thought it'd be interesting. Then, it gradually became very much the standard of songs in Nightmare. And fans now are waiting to see what song is next.

For you, are they any different from other songs?

SAKITO: Yes. To put it in a good way, they are one brand of Nightmare. So there is pressure on me to not make something bad. Before, I thought it was all right to do whatever I wanted to do, but now there's pressure there.

From when?

SAKITO: Since GIANIZM 6 I think. I got the feeling I had to include something new for people. It came from within myself, like a constraint that appeared.

Does it change your priorities?

SAKITO: Yeah but, when I listen to songs that I made just as I wanted to with just my feelings, they don’t seem to be as good, as songs. (smile) So in some ways, being conscious of making a song properly helps the song go better in our live performances.

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