Janne Da Arc - Shining Ray

review - 26.10.2009 02:31

This single is a perfect example of the group members' talents.

Shining Ray is the first Janne Da Arc single released after the highly acclaimed album GAIA. The title track was used for the eighth ending of the anime "One Piece” and as the theme song in video game "Drummania 8th Mix."

Shining Ray has an optimistic and joyful atmosphere and definitely does well at concerts. It begins with a guitar and keyboard intro, and a moment later, vocals are added. This track isn’t very fast, but seems to have a lot of energy, especially because of shuji’s drum playing, which invites listeners to jump. The addition of keys diversifies the melody of the song, and the whole is really memorable. It will certainly leave you in a good mood and cause you to hum it the rest of the day.

MOTHER BRAIN has a different character from its predecessor; first of all, it’s a bit heavier. It begins with the vibrating, electronic sound of keys, which are also audible later. yasu doesn’t sing as high as in Shining Ray, and the pulsating bass is also more marked. Placed in the middle is an amazing guitar and keyboard solo that fits the mood ideally; kiyo starts this fragment and plays a melody which is repeated and developed by you a bit later.

As always, in Janne Da Arc’s case, this release could also be recommended to any aficionado of classic rock compositions. However, this band songs are so well-rounded and diverse, that fans of different genres can enjoy it, too.
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