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interview - 24.10.2009 07:35

Jikken teki chousen no kioku - Memory of an experimental challenge

MUCC was very busy over these past few months having summer events all over Japan, including the MUCC festival “Shu On Sai” (vermilion music festival) which was held at ESP musical academy over three days. There, the DVD The Clips~tack of six nine~ and two compilation albums of Coupling Best and Coupling Worst were released. Here we take the opportunity to look back over the history of MUCC once again.

As we listen to Coupling Best, we think the coupling songs are experiments for the future singles and albums of MUCC.

Miya: Yes, you are right. Especially since went major, we've been releasing more singles, so we experiment more.

SATOchi: We always record singles first, then coupling songs afterwards, so it makes it easier. And we can try different things because we are freer, I think. It’s like taking a rest during recording.

YUKKE: Coupling songs are easier. They have a peculiar atmosphere different than songs that are from singles and albums.

Why don’t you make a single that is only one song for 500 yen?

SATOchi: No. We need coupling songs so we can put a lot of free stuff into it.

Tatsuro: I think we make coupling songs when we are the most relaxed, so there are many songs which have strong originality.

Are the lyrics also different from those of lead songs and album songs?

Tatsuro: Yes. For the songs, strong characters come to me, so the lyrics become very natural.

Are there any cases where you tried coupling songs experimentally and then made use of the lyrics you made later?

Tatsuro: I don’t think so. Usually I write lyrics from the image of the song, so if it did happen I would not be conscious of it.

By the way, what coupling song of other artists do you four members like?

Tatsuro: I like gossip, which is the coupling song of Kuroyume’s Yasashii higeki. I like most of the coupling songs of Kuroyume.

SATOchi: I generally like TUBE's coupling songs.

Aren’t they all summer songs?

SATOchi: Yes, they are summer songs. But they are catchy songs like singles, so you feel like you got something for free.

YUKKE: I really like Egoist, which is the coupling song of Over Drive by JUDY AND MARY! I love it most out of all the JUDY AND MARY songs.

Miya: I like BUCK-TICK's Sakura.

YUKKE: Core fans of BUCK-TICK usually like Sakura.

Tatsuro: It’s on their best album, right?

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