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interview - 10.10.2009 11:01

Prior to their debut US performance in Texas, born answered our questions and gave a glimpse of their personalities.

In anticipation of their Houston performance during the weekend of Halloween, indie visual kei band born answered some of our questions about their origins, influences, goals and vision for the future.

The five of you played together before as RENNY AMY and as D&L. Before that, how did you all meet?

born: Ryoga was the person who said “Let’s play together.” He invited the rest of us.

When did you each decide to become musicians, and why did you choose to do a visual kei band? Are there specific things about visual kei you like?

Ryoga: I've liked music since I was a child. I was influenced by LUNA SEA, so that's why I chose to do a visual kei band.
K: There is a visual kei band that taught me a great deal about music, and because of that I became interested in being in a visual kei band.
Ray: The guitarist that I really liked belonged to a visual kei band.
KIFUMI: It was already decided when I was born into the world I would be in visual kei.
TOMO: I liked the visual kei sound originally. And they make a huge impact with their visuals - their hair, make-up, and costumes. I think those aspects are really cool and appealing.

What are the meanings of the names RENNY AMY and D&L, and why did you choose them? Why did you eventually choose the name "born"?

born: RENNY AMY somehow sounds very cool to us. There is no specific reason for the name. D&L stands for “Dragon and Lion," and as for born, we wanted to have a name that represents the new and forgetting about the past.

Usually when a band breaks up (like RENNY AMY did) the members start or join different bands, but you all reunited again under a new name. Why did you decide to make this new start and change your name?

born: We didn’t breakup because of member changes or trouble. We still have the same goal, but our way of thinking about music has been changing, so we decided to re-start as a new band.

For your fans who don’t speak Japanese, could you tell us what themes and images come up in your lyrics?

born: felony is based on experiences that we actually had in our lives.

Your first single, Dust Pain, is a very popular song. What was the inspiration behind it, and what did you want your first song to convey to audiences?

born: We were not inspired by anything in particular. We wanted to make something that represents born well. Dust Pain is like a business card for born.

On your album, Abnormal Head Machine, is there one song that sums up born the most, or one song you are most proud of?

born: In Abnormal Head Machine, we were able to show the audience that we have potential. There is no specific song that sums up born the most because we are proud of all the songs, and each song describes born well.

The track Ruisai no hana is a very beautiful, slow song, much less aggressive than most of your music. Is it more challenging to make ballads? What was your inspiration for this song?

born: Is it? Is Ruisai no hana a beautiful song? Actually, this song expresses mental interiority the most. It’s heavy, a very dark song. We were inspired by sounds from different genres.

For your new single Felony that came out in July, what were the concepts of MAD whistle, the fragrance noise, and Felony?

born: All three songs are connected. I committed a felony. MAD whistle represents me enjoying the situation. And the fragrance noise describes me regretting what I did.

Felony was your first PV; How was the process of making the video?

born: Everything looked new, so we had fun the whole time.

What is your process for creating music and who does most of the composing?

born: Both guitarists make the base, and the rest of us arrange it.

Which musicians have influenced or inspired you?

Ryoga: It’s difficult to answer, I've been inspired by lots of musicians.
K: HIDE from X and J from LUNA SEA.
TOMO: X, LUNA SEA and Kuroyume.

What has been the best live show for each of you and why?

born: Every single live is the best, so it’s hard to chose one.

Soon you will be playing in the United States for the first time, at an anime convention. Are there any anime, manga, or video games that you like?

Ryoga Actually I’m not too savvy about anime, so tell me which one is good.
K: Not really…
Ray: I don’t really have time to enjoy those things, so I don’t have any specific favorite.
KIFUMI: Kind of.
TOMO: "Dragon ball," "One piece," "Yu-Yu hakusho," "Hunter Hunter," and so on.

Do you like any American comics? (For instance, Spiderman, Batman, Star Trek...)

Ryoga: I have no idea about American comics.
K: Not really.
Ray: Spider Man!
KIFUMI: Kind of.
TOMO: It’s not an American comic, but I like the movie "Watch Man."

Can you tell us something about the personalities of each of your band mates?

Ryoga: Hard worker, wild, but an airhead.
K: Hard worker, slow, innocent, but an airhead.
Ray: Hard worker, selfish, and an airhead.
KIFUMI: Hard worker, strange, and an airhead.
TOMO: Hard worker, fun, but an airhead.

What are your goals and expectations for this performance at Oni-Con?

born: To do our best performance! And to make the event a success.

Ryoga, we understand you are very physical with your audiences in Japan, doing things like stage diving. What are your thoughts on that, is it an important means of connecting with your fans?

Ryoga: Every single time I perform, I’m trying to do what I can at that time. I don’t think about what I should do, I just do it. I love fans!

Many of your American fans won’t be able to get to Houston to see you. If possible, would you be interested in coming back to different parts of America, and also places like Europe and Latin America?

born: Of course. We would like to go to all the countries around the world.

Can you tell us a bit about your future plans?

born: Our goal is to make the best and coolest songs, and do the best performances in the world.

Please leave a message for your fans.

Ryoga: Please keep checking out born.
K: Yoroshiku!
Ray: I’m looking forward to seeing you.
KIFUMI: Yoroshiku!
TOMO: Be heavy, be crazy!

JaME would like to thank born and Cure Media USA.
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