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interview - 17.09.2009 10:01

Happy toy box!!

An Cafe will release their new long-awaited album BB PARALLEL WORLD on September 9th. This album maintains their conventional pop impression and contains eleven songs that cover a large variety of types (even more than before). What’s more, the first limited edition includes four music videos, one of which is their new single NATSU KOI ★ NATSU GAME. We’ll provide you their whole story through the interviews of all the members who gave their comments about each of the songs.

This work, BB PARALLEL WORLD, is a very colorful album. When you started producing it, did have a concept for it?

Miku: This time we didn’t think dance music would be the main thing, but we wanted to make a large variety of works. So we selected songs as we put different colors into it. We had more meetings than usual to select songs, and we had almost thirty songs, then chose even more, so the songs that ended up on the album were selected from that large group of songs.

Did anything change from before in the production process?

Teruki: Usually we work with a manipulator only for our singles, but this time he worked for us in all songs of the album. The quality of the songs and the environment of the recording were different. We had a very good experience.

What did each of you think about and work for when you created the album?

Miku: We have released many albums before, so I was thinking I wanted to make the best work so far.

What was the key there?

Miku: I think it was songs. Singles are usually selected mainly from dance rock, but this time we selected songs from a number of viewpoints.

Yes, they all are real killer tunes.

Teruki: As for my drums, I thought a little bit about the roughness of the sounds and the underground feeling of Indies visual kei in my head, and hit my favorite vintage drums with that in mind.

Did you practice yourselves before you started recording this time too?

Teruki: This time we couldn’t practice so much because we didn’t have time. There were songs we recorded the day after our pre-production. Basically even as I was memorizing songs, I was already arranging and playing them. (laugh) I know it’s important to practice for the recording, but it was a good recording. We learned how to adapt then and there.

kanon: I wanted to work on the arrangement in particular this time. Starting this year, when I think about phrases, I've been using my personal computer. Usually as I have a bass, my preferences come out naturally in the music, but when I actually see the notes it’s good to be able to change things like “I can go here too.” So it’s more fun to think about phrases than before.

But when you play, it’s not hard?

kanon: Yes at times. (laugh) But it’s like when I started to play bass. It was fun, I got to copy what was put into the computer and check my score afterward, kind of like when I was a student.

takuya: This time I played guitar from the objective viewpoint of creator, not only as guitarist.

You mean you think about other instruments too?

takuya: Yes. If I think about only guitar, I add more and more sound, so I tried to fit in with the others, or I played loud phrases where my guitar should stand out. Being able to do that, I was able to see new things about myself, as well as different viewpoints.

How was Yu-ki?

Teruki: I think this time what Yu-ki worked hardest on was the chorus, right?

Yu-ki: Ah, the chorus was fun.

By the way, I heard that he can make the fewest mistakes among the members who play instruments…

Teruki: We don’t know whether they will be put in the final version, but Yu-ki was able to record a lot by himself.

kanon: There is a version where he sang normally, a version in which he sang with a falsetto voice, one octave higher, and a version of mimic.(All burst out laughing.)

Teruki: The manipulator said, “A version of Porno Graffiti fits best.” (laugh) But he also said, “We can’t use the version of Keisuke Kuwata at all.” (All burst out laughing.)

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