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JaME presents you with a detailed description of an official Hello! Project Shop in Tokyo.

In Japan there are official shops linked to artists or groups, like one for Johnny's Entertainment (a label which manages boy bands such as SMAP, NEWS and V6), as an example. Outside of Japan, there isn't a lot of information on these slightly unusual types of shops, so JaME presents you with the details of an official Hello! Project shop in this article.

What is it?

The official shops provide goodies, pictures and other official objects linked to Hello! Project's bands. You will find stuff for not only all the current artists of H!P, like Morning Musume。, Berryz Koubou, °C-ute, Buono and Byuuden, but also for former members, such as Mari Yaguchi (ex.Morning Musume。, Minimoni) and Kei Yasuda (ex.Morning Musume。, Petitmoni).

What can you find?

Currently, from the outside of the shop (pictures 2 and 3 of the gallery), the costumes from the trio byuuden can be seen. However, the shop changes its show window regularly. The costumes are just for show, not for purchase. Once you are inside, there are mostly official photographs on the walls. Photographs are sorted by band or artist, and by cycle: live performance, costume, with drawing of members, and so on. It's also possible to buy other goodies like uchiwas (hand held fans with pictures of the artists used mostly during live performances). There are also other products, like signed posters, but those are just for show as well.

How does it work?

For things like albums and photo books, you just need to go to the desk and ask for what you want. However, there is a procedure for photographs: you take a pen and paper (see photographs 4 and 6) and indicate how many photographs you want from each series. Once that's done, you give it to the check-out assistant and someone will prepare your order. Generally, these are 9x12cm photographs, and the copyright UP-FRONT AGENCY / Hello! Project will be written on the bottom of it. Once your order is ready, you are asked to pay at the desk and you are given your order.

Many of the series of photographs are also sold at the concerts of the artists, but for those who missed the shows, it gives you a way to still be able to buy them afterwards. But take note that only recent photographs are available; you won't be able to find photos from 2002.

Other remarks

Despite the cliché, the shop's customers aren't just men. Indeed, girls and sometimes women on their way home from work come in to order photographs.

There are several shops throughout the country. The aforementioned one is in Harajuku. For further information about the other shops, you can take a look at the official website of the Hello! Project Shops.

The staff will be happy to answer all your questions, but if you don't speak Japanese, you will have to make yourself understood with a combination of English and gestures. Nevertheless, it is not complicated, so you should not have too much trouble.

The photographs are of good quality and at reasonable prices.

If you have other questions about how it works, you can ask questions on the forum and we will answer. And don't hesitate to tell us what kind of official products you would like to purchase.

JaME would like to thank UP-FRONT AGENCY and the staff of the Hello! Project shop in Harajuku, Tokyo.
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