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interview - 30.06.2008 22:00

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Kra released Escape in March and their newest single, Kizuna -kizuna-, on May 14th. The song was selected as the opening theme for the popular anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's". This will be a great opportunity for Kra to reach people who don't already know about them and can become acquainted with their work. The anime tie-in is a first for the band and it seems they experienced some trial and error in the process. The band delivered the whole story about their various conflicts and how they worked on their first tie-in.

Recently, your music hasn't been finished in time for these interviews. This time, Kizuna -kizuna- was finished earlier than usual and it seems like a miracle.

Yasuno: Maybe we should change the song title to "kiseki" (miracle)? (laugh)

Oh, that's a good idea!

Keiyu: No, we can't. (laugh)

Anyway, this song was selected as the opening theme for a very popular anime, "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's". Could you tell us how it happened?

Keiyu: At first, our staff was often telling us, "Finish your songs soon!" I wondered why they were rushing us so much and asked them about it later. Then they told me there was an offer for us to do the song. First of all, we had to write a song to present to them. Then the anime director listened to it and said we had been chosen.

You were so lucky!

Keiyu: Yes...I know we were lucky, but the selected song was supposed to be part of the album, Escape.

What? So you were like, "You are taking away my baby!" (laugh) You worked hard to make this song for the album.

Keiyu: In order to be the opening theme, I was asked to not make the lyrics about love or to have too much English in it, so it came out this way. Anyway, this was our first tie-in. It was quite hard. If this song had been put on the album, it would have had a little different in shape. We could finish the album, but we had to decide on the coupling song for the single. However, we didn't have anymore songs.

I see! So you had to write songs for it.

Keiyu: So we didn't have time to take a break.

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