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interview - 06.06.2009 10:01

Makuura elegy

In February Gara had an accident which caused his bad condition in the fanclub Limited Live. However, by the time this issue is published their tour TOUR09 under-world 【GI・GO】 should be completed without any problems. In this interview we had an in-depth talk with Gara about what he was feeling at that time, during what we are sure was quite a difficult period for him. For those who don’t know the history of the band, or just want to check out what they have been up to over these several years, you should check out VIC~VIDEO ID COLLECTION~that was released on April 22nd.

Now as I recall it happened on February 14th, in the middle of the FC Limited Live, right? Your condition became really bad, Gara.

Gara: Yes, actually I also hurt my back at around the same time during last year's tour…… That first time, I was able to stand by taping up my back, but this time I couldn’t stand up or even put any force on it. I remember not being able to understand what was happening and smiling thinking "What the?!" I think I panicked slightly. I remember trying to stand holding onto the drum set, but I just wasn’t able to.

So you knew that this was something different?

Gara: Yes. I think that it was the first time for me to think while doing a live “Oh no. This is not good…!” But right at that time I wasn’t thinking about what would happen to the tour or even me really. But then as the days passed, I started thinking. I am kind of a negative person so I started thinking about the future and what might happen. I wondered what I should do from then, with the tour, and of course interviews and radio programs and so on. I thought it was not good to stay in bed alone as I thought about only bad things……

I think when we are not in good shape, most people think negatively.

Gara: I was worrying about how the band would continue without me, but I heard from our manager that the other members were able to cover for me, so I realized that they could do it then.

This was after you made the album under-world, which was made with live concerts in mind. So how long did it take for you to recover?

Gara: It took about 10 days for me to be able to stand. Daily life was not really a problem, I was more concerned about how I would sing and perform. I really thought about ‘Gara’ a lot. Whether I should make singing be my main thing rather than anything else, but my performance is also a part that makes up the ‘Gara’ that I want to be able to show on stage. I have always wanted to be a vocalist who can change the atmosphere of a venue just with his presence, but I had no idea that it would happen quite like this or this early in life… (smile)

For the complete of the interview, please refer to Zy 46.
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