Folder5 - Magical Eyes

review - 04.07.2008 22:00

Female pop group Folder5's single Magical Eyes shows their optimistic world view with two contrasting songs.

Magical Eyes was one of the last singles put out by the female quintet Folder5, who disbanded the year after its release. The two songs on the CD will give you a good feel for the group's style - danceable beats, surprising arrangements and a positive outlook.

The single opens with the title track, a catchy dance number with a myriad of engaging synths and melodies, including some that are evocative of adventure video games, which is fitting as Magical Eyes is the theme song for the X Box game Nezumikusu. These synths create a sparkling, colorful world that seems to exist outside of our reality, much like the fantasy worlds of video games and anime, though the lyrics are grounded and direct. In this love song about two people, the girls sing of taking chances and getting involved in new dreams in an uncharted future. Romantic and optimistic, this track is fun and uplifting.

Where the previous track is light hearted, Piece of wish is comparatively intense, with a dramatic rhythm, an emotional guitar and poignant violin. The bass is very prominent in both the verses and chorus, so low it feels like a booming vibration, and it contrasts beautifully with the high twinkling chimes. The vocals are also more emotional as the group sings about continuing on, trying to believe a dream will come true. The conclusion, with its wistful violins, is especially beautiful. Overall, Piece of wish is powerful and darker than the previous track, but still encouraging.

Though Folder5 is best known for their hit Believe, Magical Eyes is another great release. Both of its songs are catchy and moving, with lovely arrangements and earnest vocals. The instrumental versions included are also a treat because the compositions are so rich and layered, you might not notice them fully in the regular versions. Although the group has disbanded, they made a number of hits that are certainly still worth checking out.
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