lynch.'s URGE to DROWN Final Live Report

live report - 06.06.2008 22:00

A report of the final concert of lynch.'s first oneman tour 'URGE to DROWN' at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on April 25.

After releasing their single Adore on April 2nd, lynch. completed their first oneman live tour with its final held in Ebisu’s LIQUIDROOM on April 25th. The venue was filled with casually dressed men and women with towels wrapped around their necks. It seemed as though there were more males than before, which showed that lynch. is now attracting guys who love real rock music.

When the venue became dark, drums sounded and people started clapping. The members, wearing black leather costumes, appeared on stage bathed in red light, and the audience cheered wildly. Hazuki stood on a stool at the front of the stage and stirred the audience. His presence was bigger than it used to be. The live started with the upbeat unknown lost a beauty, and fans raised their fists and started headbanging. In the following I'm sick,b'cuz luv u., Hazuki's death voice crossed and tangled with the beautiful melody in the flashing light. This danceable love song had a harsh beauty about it, and is very much an original lynch. styled song.

"Go crazy! Let’s create some chaos here!" Hazuki yelled, and fans answered by raising their fists. They dashed into STARZ and fans pumped their fists into the air to the rhythm, headbanged and the had the live running high. In dizzy, Reo’s distorted guitar sounded mysterious accompanied by a green light. In melt, a mid-tempo dance song, Hazuki chuckled crazily under an orange light. Asanao, who wore a black hat, kept hitting his drums coolly the entire time. Yusuke’s guitar sounded glamorous, while Reo plucked his guitar rhythmically and sang deeply.

In lizard, the heavy bass vibrated the floor and the guitar crunched the heavy rhythm. Hazuki took off his jacket and showed the tattoo on his arms; he embodied the dark, heavy, chaotic world with his mysterious movements as he went wild like a madman. His movements changed a lot. In the whirl, he opened his arms widely and waved them sexily, but the next moment he shouted with his death voice violently. The bass was low, and the contrast of the silence and the movement of their music was very wide and sharp. In the slow, heavy ballad forgiven, the audience stood still and listened to the beautiful, sad melodies while washed in blue light. The desperate and deep solitude of their world occupied the whole venue, while clear guitar chords were scattered beautifully like jewels.

Here, their unique original a cappella started. Hazuki, to red lighting, whispered and murmured like he was letting out his deepest thoughts. Echoed vocals and distorted guitar sounds created a mysterious world, moving the most primitive of human instincts. Then, the slow ballad prominence followed. Yusuke’s guitar sounded marvelous; drums and bass rolled on heavy. This thick sound gradually came to a crescendo, flooding everything like a big wave. After this, Reo’s guitar solo was heart wrenching. You could feel absolute solitude in his sound, as though he were some place no one could reach and in a deep pain no one could touch. Hazuki murmured, whispered, lamented, sighed and looked up with a vacant stare after he finished singing this song.

The latter half of the live started with quarter life. From the electric sound effects, it moved into the thick sounds of drums, guitar and bass quickly. Death voices and shouts and sorrowful, beautiful melodies repeated again and again. Reo’s guitar slashed the air with its sound, and Yusuke’s guitar playing was crystal clear, scattered beautifully throughout the music. Fans clapped their hands and called "hey! hey!" to Asanao’s drums. In roaring in the dark, the two guitarists stirred the fans at the front, and Hazuki turned his microphone for the audience to sing the chorus 'never to fade... never to vanish...' To the heavy dance music of the universe, they kept clapping and calling too, and headbanged all together. Hazuki sang with his death voice and walked around on the stage.

"Can you go one more time, Tokyo!? Show me your worst!!" When the hard, fast 59 started, members and fans went crazier, and the venue was filled with a storm of headbanging. "Come to me all of you guys!" Hazuki shouted, before leading them into alien tune, and fans raised their hands and jumped. The contrast of their sound’s explosion to the beautiful melodies was just excellent. Reo, with his legs wide open, played guitar and headbanged wildly. The live house was steaming from the heat pouring off the audience. Then, with the announcement of "last! Let’s go wild once again!" the band played their new single, Adore. Under flashing lights, the audience headbanged to the upbeat, hard rhythm. "Thank you, Tokyo!" Hazuki grinned finally, and left the stage with the members.

Their encore started with "let’s dance again!" and the beautiful an illusion. It was truly a dark, cool, smart, adult rock piece. They then moved onto from the end, which started with a clear guitar and was joined by drums and bass. The driving rhythm was coupled with beautiful main melodies and screaming vocals. The crowd stood fascinated by the beautiful chorus and the explosion of sounds.

"On this tour, I wanted to send you the will of our band, and I think we did that. Thank you!" Reo said during their second encore. Hazuki shouted his joy, "I’m so happy... I could die! I feel so good!" He declared his wish to do another oneman at the venue. He then said, "Become washing machines, and show me your hardest spin cycle!" So, for liberation chord, sweaty fans sang the chorus with members loudly. Egging the audience on with "go crazy once again! We’ll do what we want to, so do whatever you want!" Hazuki took everyone into dazzle and pulse_, and the floor became a mix of fans raising their fists, jumping and headbanging. While the bass drums and bass pounded away, Reo and Yusuke played guitar wildly and shouted with their death voices. Members gathered around the drum set of Asanao and looked at one another. The thick, heavy sound made by the band overwhelmed everyone so that many probably forgot to breath. Adore was played once again, and the audience sang the chorus loudly. "I’ll be with you forever-!" Hazuki shouted when he finished singing the song and sat down on the floor.

While most people choose easy short cuts in this world, lynch. has always worked hard, and they continue step by step in their own way, progressing firmly. They traveled around the whole country on their 1st oneman live tour, and finished it successfully in Tokyo. The music of lynch. is real rock which excites human blood and moves human instincts. Their music is now breaking boundaries and growing rapidly, and they are sure to move people from all over the world.

Set list

unknown lost a beauty
I'm sick,b'cuz luv u.
the whirl
(a cappella)
quarter life
roaring in the dark
the universe
alien tune
a grateful shit

En1. an illusion
En2. from the end
En3. liberation chord
En4. dazzle
En5. pulse_
En6. Adore
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