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interview - 03.05.2009 10:01

On your mark! ~in my true color~

The 5th anniversary year of An Cafe started with their open air live, SUMMER DIVE, on August 30, 2008, and will be completed with the grand finale at TOKYO BIG SIGHT on May 17, 2009! Heading towards the special finale, they released their single, AROMA, on March 11th and their DVD, LIVE CAFE・TOUR’08 NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD, at the same time! We had a long interview with them just after their second world tour (of an even bigger scale than before) was announced to start on March 15th!!

At the end of the live at JCB Hall on January 5th, the words “visual kei; An Cafe” and silhouettes of members were projected on the screen and the venue became really noisy. Why did you put up the words “visual kei” this time?

Miku: As I looked at music magazines, I thought we tended to lack our original charm these days.

Do you!?

Teruki: Like we have calmed down.

Miku: So we talked about how it would be more interesting if we became more visual kei.

Teruki: We thought we could surprise people more that way.

We have an image that An Cafe is colorful and poppy, so were surprised when we saw all the members except Yu-ki wearing black costumes.

Teruki: We didn’t just want to be “visual kei=black,” but we did so because of AROMA.

Miku: Yes. So we don’t want you to misunderstand, we are not lost, or just wandering around. (laugh)

Ah, I see! You mean that you guys are thinking about what you are doing. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t determined what you want to do, right?

kanon: Right. We coordinated it like this.

Miku: It’s a little like cosplay.

Teruki: We’ll change again at BIG SIGHT!

Wow, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys then! About the new single, AROMA. When I heard the title for the first time, I thought this song would be a healing song. (laugh)

Miku: Ah, it’s not a healing song. (laugh)

It’s a cool song that is aggressive and has a great drive, which links to the visuals. First of all, I was surprised at the right hand (guitar play) in the intro. I was like “Wow.”

Miku: Up until now we have made our songs keeping in mind what matches An Cafe, but this time we weren’t caged in by that so we made the song just as it came out.

Teruki: I thought it’s important to think about what matches us, but I don’t think that it is good to be caged by that either, so I told the other members that we would do what we want to do.

Miku: Up until now, even if we thought that a song was good, we killed it if it did not match us. However, all the members gave many ideas this time, and it wasn’t like, “This doesn’t match An Cafe” at all. Did our repertoire enlarge? Maybe, but we didn’t do it on purpose.

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 45.
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