Dolly - Closet letter

review - 25.05.2008 22:00

A review of Dolly's latest maxi-single.

Closet letter is Dolly's sixth maxi-single, released just after their Arithmetic biscuit tour in January. Even though the title track is unusually light for Dolly, it reached an impressive fourth place ranking on the Oricon indies singles chart not long after its release.

The first track opens with a soft guitar and light beat, setting the mood for the entire song. Listeners will be in for a treat if they like vibrato, because throughout the song Mitsu throws little trills into his voice like it's going out of style. As we'd expect from the title track, Closet letter has a catchy and beautiful chorus, but the relaxed soft style of the song is a bit unexpected coming from Dolly. With the soothing bass and guitar riffs, light, cheerful drum beats and of course lovely vocals, they certainly pull it off well, but it’s not the most exciting track the band has come out with.

Orange, on the other hand, is a bouncy fast paced song. Opening with a dark, busy guitar line and some low singing during the verse, the song becomes heavier with the lead in to the refrain, where the beat becomes louder. It's almost necessary to headbang while Masa and Yuina play complimentary lines on their guitars. The chorus is surprisingly melodious compared to the rest of the song, and as Mitsu ventures into a higher register, Hachi's bass lightens up and the rhythm changes to create a happier, more upbeat feel. Aside from the chorus, the other fun area is the guitar in the bridge, which flies all over with graceful unruliness. With its danceable and headbanging energy and changing rhythm, Orange will definitely be a fun song to witness at a live show.

Dolly has saved the best for last on this one. Haru urarakana, 503 bou is pure Dolly perfection. With their trademark dark stylishness, the opening and verses are aggressive with quickly changing rhythms. Again Mitsu throws trills into his voice at times, and for the lead-in to the chorus tsuguki steals the show with his captivating drum play. The refrain's melodies are stunning and Mitsu's voice will lift you into another world. The intensity of the chorus increases when it's repeated and tsuguki speeds up the rhythm.

All in all, this single shows several different sides to Dolly, with a soft, ballad-like song, a crazy, danceable song and the track you'll want to put on repeat because it's one of their best ever. Especially beneficial for people who are new to the band, this single will show you what they're all about.
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