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BAZRA's second full album shows how far they have come.

Always evolving while keeping their old-school rock origins, FUTOSAMASU is a pretty heavy fourth full-length album from BAZRA. It strays a little from their rockabilly roots, but that doesn't make it bad.

Everything is made so that the listener will be overwhelmed. The songs are speedy; the sound coming from everywhere creates an almost oppressive atmosphere. The sound of the bass used like a blues bass guitar presses at the limits of the mind. Taion starts the set with an aggressive guitar and a roaring bass, then becomes much more gentle, but it doesn't mean the song becomes calm. The next track, JamRa#5, follows the same path, finishing with a hard rock guitar solo. But once more, this track, and the other ones from the first part of the album, stay very melodic and can unexpectedly show a jazzy side during a solo or a bass line WAGON is a good example of this.

JamRa#6 cuts the album in two. In fact, this song is only the introduction for FANFARE, a reggae-like track. It is a refreshing pause after the exhausting but excellent first half. The second part of FUTOSAMASU is more mixed up, with calm songs alternating with heavy songs. It is less speedy and saturated in sound, allowing the listener to analyze clearly every part of each song without being drowned in the music. However, BAZRA manages to insert a pretty strange song, TONNERRE, which has a totally crazy piano part and a Sex Pistols feel to it. Its introduction, a piano solo, is totally different from the actual song, and the difference between it and the piano melody during the song makes it all the better. Moreover, the pleasure does not disappear when listening to the following song, a happy and energetic tune. The ballad Kanata, which has a blues inspired sound, closes the album.

FUTOSAMASU gives an overall feeling of heaviness and sounds much more nervous than BAZRA's previous releases, and it is a welcome evolution. Being able to evolve while keeping its roots is what a good band is supposed to do, and BAZRA manages to do this perfectly. Once again, the album is excellent and is probably much better live.
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