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live report - 13.05.2008 22:00

A live report of Hime Ichigo's one-man live [START line] held on March 22nd at Meguro Rock May Kan in Tokyo.

The cheerful and colorful band Hime Ichigo played a sold out one-man live at Meguro Rock May Kan in Tokyo. An hour before the start of the live, fans were already queuing outside with their fluffy fans and their "Princess Strawberry" fan club member cards. Inside the venue, people had already found their spots, and the concert hall was slowly filled up with girls dressed in lolita, cosplayers and people dressed in their normal wear. Unfortunately, Meguro Rock May Kan was not big enough to fit everyone who showed up, so some fans were left outside.

A few minutes before the start, the lights dimmed and a techno like intro played over the speakers. The members then came on stage one by one and started their one-man live, also known as 「START line」.

The first song of their set list was the simple but catchy song Pink cabaret club late show. Vocalist Suzuya jumped while he sang and smiled, and the audience jumped along with him. The band seemed very happy as they launched into she【R】Lock , a song that abounded with fun furitsuke dancing. One of the dance steps included spinning around and the fans followed, but since the venue was pretty small, they bumped into each other while singing along to Hime Ichigo’s lyrics.

After two songs, it was time for an MC. The purple-dressed vocalist Suzuya introduced the other members. During the MC, a very cool, jazzy bass line was played by their cheerful bassist Jin. During the following song, shikugakure, a man in pants too short for him, suspenders, a shirt and a hat obviously not meant to fit his head walked onto the stage. During the first half of the song, he read a magazine while holding a plastic bag, but after a while he threw the magazine away and started spinning around and dancing on stage with Suzuya. Apparently, the man's name was Tommy.

Tommy left the stage as soon as the next song started. Sherry, which is a brand new song, started with hard guitar riffs, a fast tempo and a lot of head banging. They played another two songs and then an SMC, which lasted for about three minutes. It showed off the members’ talents as they jammed together on stage and created a melody that was very professional and interesting. During shindererokku, one could see Jin glowing as he danced, and he smiled the entire time. It was very charming to see how he enjoyed himself on stage while playing his bass.

The fluffy fans in different colors, mentioned earlier, were taken out during shunkashuutou waived in the air at Suzuya's directions, and feathers flew all over the venue. The dancing stopped, though, as Shoujo Kissa started, and the feather fans were put away while the band and the audience banged their heads to the fast melody. While something that looked like a moshpit was going on in the crowd, Jin and Reina took a moment to step forward on the stage and shake hands with the few fans who weren’t banging their heads.

Suzuya shouted, "Hey! Hey! Hey!" before they started playing Roppongi night fever. The audience responded with even louder shouts while they jumping together and had a great time. The dancing and hands in the air lasted until the song ended and the band left the stage.

For the encore, the fans didn’t have to wear out their voices calling for the band as the five members returned quickly and played a set of three upbeat songs. They played Star dust drop, to the joy of the fans, and two songs later they left the stage again, this time without coming back.

As soon as the curtains covered the stage, the fans rushed to the merchandise stand where Jun and Suzuya were saying good bye their audience and thanking them for coming.

Hime Ichigo played a very fun live with a set list that included many of their most lovable songs. The fans seemed very pleased and so did the band.

Set list

Pink cabaret club late show
Service Time
Akiba-ism ~AV course no susume~
Shoujo Kissa
Roppongi night fever

Star dust drop
Haru no koi sakura
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