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interview - 09.04.2008 22:00

The Bloom of Bloody Red.

"Despair can be pleasure" and "even painful wounds can be beautiful" are just some of the GazettE's lyrics. The fusion of passionate sounds, ardent melodies and lyrics goes beyond the category of just a simple love song. In their newest single, Guren, their aesthetics have been thoroughly expressed and there are many people around the country who have seen the commercial for the jewelry brand, GEMCEREY. We asked all of the members to talk about how the song was made.

I saw the commercial (GEMCEREY) in which the GazettE appeared.

Ruki: I saw it three times...on TV that is. I was very calm.

You don't have to be calm about it. (laugh)

Uruha: What leaves the biggest impact in the commercial is when Ruki says, "Put on the GazettE". (laugh)

Yes you are probably right. (laugh) By the way, I heard the schedule to produce Guren was quite tight and you did the mastering in New York.

Aoi: This time, I alone went there.

Why did you go, Aoi?

Aoi: Well, I said I'd go because I felt as though I should say that, but no one said no, so I went. I had never been by myself before.

When you made your album last year, Ruki and Aoi went together. There are three members left who haven't been yet.

Ruki: Everyone was like, "You can go", but I was like, "Is it OK for me?"

Kai: If two people could go it would be OK, but this time only one person could go. (smile)

Reita: I would be very uneasy if I went alone! However, I couldn't go as I had a fever. (laugh)

Don't you have ideas and concerns about how your mastering is done in New York?

Aoi: We can't make it the way we want to in Japan. I can't feel the sound changing very much if we do mastering here.

You mean the sound changes when you do it in New York?

Aoi: Yes, it's much better. You may not believe it, but, in studios over there, almost all the works are Japanese!

Ah, the albums that are mastered are on the walls, yes?

Aoi: Yes. Like from this CD to that CD are all there. (laugh)

Then I'll ask you about your single. When I had an interview with Ruki in autumn of last year (Zy. vol. 37), you said the next release would be quite heavy.

Ruki: Ah, I said that.

Aoi: When was it?

It was around September. It's like the former the GazettE, in a way. Did it become what you intended it to be?

Ruki: Well, that's right, but also wrong. Maybe I said too much then. (laugh)

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 39.

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