The Candy Spooky Theater Interview in the Netherlands

interview - 17.05.2008 22:00

During their first European tour, JaME held a short interview with the horror themed band The Candy Spooky Theater.

Last year they already performed in the USA and this year The Candy Spooky Theater came to Europe for the first time. In the Netherlands they performed during the "horror" event The Spooky Fest. After the concert the three bandmembers took the time to answer our questions.

Also in Finland the JaME team met up with the band and held a conversation with them, which can be found in our weblog.

You've played a few concerts in Europe now. What were the reactions of the European fans?
Jack: In Europe, of course there were different reactions at different places. All of those reactions were exciting for us.

Now that you've seen both Europe and America, has this changed your opinion about those places?
Jack: We toured in America and in Europe, we went there to perform. We didn't know in what way the fans would react and if they would love us or not, we didn't know the situation in those countries. After seeing the reaction of our fans, which was great, we were happy.

When you formed The Candy Spooky Theater, did you already dream or have plans about performing in Europe and America?
Jack: Hm... When we formed the band we had no plans yet for Europe or America.

Where do you find inspiration for your looks, do you change them often?
Jack: Personally, my inspiration comes from bands that I love, and the most important influence is horror movies. The base look doesn't often change.

Why did you choose these stage names for The Candy Spooky Theater?
Jack: Our image is all about Halloween and horror, we are a horror-band and that's important to us. From that image we decided on these stage names.

In a previous interview you mentioned that you get your inspiration from horror movies. What is your favourite horror movie/story?
Jack: My favorite horror movies are the "Dracula" films by Béla Lugosi, which came out in 1932.
Peggy: Zombie movies.
Kiddy Skeleton: "Sleepy Hollow".

You've released a CD in Europe. How did you select the songs that are on this CD?
Jack: Before we released that CD in Europe, we released a couple of CD's in Japan. This European release was a sort of "best of" release, so we looked at what songs European people might like and chose those.

New member Kiddy Skeleton joined your band recently. Will the change in line-up have an influence on your sound?
Jack: I'm confident that the ideal sound we have now won't change.

How did you choose Kiddy Skeleton as your new guitarist? Auditions, or was he an acquaintance already?
Jack: In Japan we already knew him because of his activity in bands. Peggy played bass in the band Kiddy was in and I went to see that concert. I thought he was a great guitarist, so I really wanted him as a fellow bandmember.

Jack and Peggy, in 2004 you performed in the session band Kurogumi, with the likes of Motoki and Tak. What exactly inspired this band's formation?
Jack: We knew each other through the band 2nd Effect, of which Peggy also is the bassist. We already performed with them... once? Or twice? (looks at Peggy)
Peggy: Twice.
Jack: We wanted to have fun together, so that's why we formed Kurogumi.

Peggy, you also play as a support member in 2nd effect. Can you tell us more about that band? What kind of music do you play, and is it hard to combine it with The Candy Spooky Theater?
Peggy: It's not difficult. The music style is "neo sub-culture".

Kiddy and Jack, do you also play in other bands as support members?
Jack: No, only The Candy Spooky Theater.
Kiddy: Right now? I only play in The Candy Spooky Theater.

Jack, on your blog we read that you designed the T-Shirts that are for sale during this tour. Did you have a special "theme" or concept in your mind for this design?
Jack: For the T-Shirts, I also used the horror and Halloween theme, the same theme as the band has. A great combination of pop and horror. I wanted to make the horror theme "cute".

How do you see yourself as a band in 10 years?
Jack: We can't look ten years in the future, we don't know yet. Maybe a world tour... that would be nice.

What are you going to do when you're back in Japan, can we expect a new release soon?
Jack: Of course we will work on new songs, maybe an album. When I'm back in Japan I want to eat Japanese food. Ramen! (everyone laughs)

Say something in short about the person sitting left of you.
Peggy about Jack: Nijineko
Jack about Kiddy Skeleton: (thinks for a moment) Nijineko
Kiddy Skeleton (points and stares at the wall, which is actually on his left side, before saying something about Peggy): Hentai (everyone laughs).

Do you have a message for the JaME readers?
The Candy Spooky Theater: This was our first European tour. We want to return to Europe again if it's possible. We will create new songs and we hope everyone will enjoy them.

JaME thanks The Candy Spooky Theater, their management, JRock NL and Astan for this interview.
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