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interview - 28.03.2008 23:00

Ride updraft!

It has been about one year since takuya (guitar) and Yu-ki (keyboard) joined An Cafe. Their new album, Gokutama ROCK CAFE, the so called corpus of the new An Cafe, will be released on April 9th!

The album contains eleven songs, including four singles such as Kakusei Heroism, Orange dream and Cherry saku yuuki!!. From the middle of March, their world tour LIVE CAFE TOUR'08 - NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD - will begin!!

This piece of work, Gokutama ROCK CAFE, was really awesome!

Teruki: Really? Um... Before we start the interview, what are your actual intentions for this interview? (laugh)

Miku: Me too! Actually, how did you feel when you listened to it?

Um, in your last work, Magnya Carta, you really concentrated on the dance music of An Cafe. This work has a very rock feel to it while still having the image of dance rock, I think.

Miku: I thought so. Rock!

kanon: It's like you have a band feeling and pop rock together.

Teruki: I wonder why? A lot of keyboard sounds were put in.

Miku: It's a very hard sound.

Yes, yes! It sounds manly. That's why the album title is Gokutama ROCK CAFÉ. It sounds like a kind of martial art. (laugh)

Teruki: Hahahaha! It's like "in New Year's Eve". (all burst out laughing)

How did you honestly feel after you finished it?

Teruki: I didn't analyze each and every little thing, but thinking about what you just said before, I think that one of the reasons why our work has more of a rock feel is the manipulator we chose to work on our music. Our guitar sounds became thicker and while the role of keyboard had been like "kirakira (shining)", it now plays various roles in each song.

Yes, I feel that the type of music you play has become even broader than before.

Miku: This is the first album we have made with these five members, so I think this is a work where we are searching for a sound that we can make together. So I don't think this is the final style of An Cafe.

Teruki: I think so too. If I compare it to our former work, Shikisai Moment was something we made when we were searching for "the sounds matching An Cafe" and, while we did and were successful at various things, what really stuck with us was dance music. Magnya Carta was part of that. Gokutama is something that we five members were able to create together, now.

kanon: I think it's an album in which all five members were really able to work and create together.

Ah, I see. For takuya and Yu-ki, this is the first time for both of you to produce an album. What did you think during the process?

takuya: I thought that I should do what I can do, putting my color into the album.

Yu-ki: The mood of the songs would totally change depending on the number of sounds. I have to think about the tone colors song by song, and I can't use the same kind of phrases, so I was really worried about that.

Teruki: It hasn't been a year yet since they started to produce music. When they were struggling, we were like "Let them struggle." (laugh) And they were reliable as they didn't cut corners like "Oh, let's just leave it like this."

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 39.

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