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interview - 31.01.2008 23:00

The Adventure of 4 kinkys.

Kra delivered a very hot performance at Nakano Sun Plaza in November 2007 and successfully completed their final tour of the year. They have an overwhelming presence in their lives, and are expected to go to even higher places in 2008. They will release their new single, Yell, on January 23rd, soon after the New Year, and they announced that they will appear in "Yaon-Biraki", which is held at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudou on April 5th.

This interview was going include questions about their new single, but the production of the single has been delayed. Therefore this interview is somewhat off the cuff, but will hopefully be enjoyable as this presented the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions.

You had your tour final at Nakano Sun Plaza on November 21st. What were your impressions of the tour. It was a very hot live. Maiccho (Mai) really went wild too. (laugh) During this tour were your MCs always like that?

Mai: Not at all. (laugh)

Yasuno: Toward the middle of the tour, he got crazier and crazier.

You talked with such passion.

Mai: Thank you very much! (smile)

How was the tour on a whole?

Keiyu: Each locality was hot, and we could really do "lives", I think. We weren’t too eager to please, but felt a little bit nervous during the first half of the tour.

Yasuno: I think we thought about things too much though.

Keiyu: Our costumes were great, but something was different on our first half of the tour. We dared to do things that we were told not to do (laugh). So after that we felt released.

Really? (laugh)

Keiyu: It’s strange to be told "Don’t do this", but we felt like we didn’t have to care anymore. (laugh) These are our lives. We want the audience to enjoy them after all, and how to make them fun is up to us. We found out how we like to do it and did it for our local lives.

Yuura: I don't think it's good to say something terrible to our audience. But if it's not bad, then we can say what we like.

Yasuno: We went to Nigata and Nagano too. We hadn’t been there for a long time. Before we came back to Nakano Sun Plaza we played two lives in the Tohoku region and those were very hot. Especially the audience in Sendai! They totally got into it!

Because of that, Maiccho went kind of crazy in the later half, didn’t you?

Mai: Yes. And we played our new song. Although we weren’t used to it at first, we are now.

I see. So maybe your character changed too. No?(laugh)

Mai: No, I don’t think so. Before, I often thought that "I should do this". But now I’m not so much aware of those things and I think that’s good as I’m more natural.

Yuura: He really is this type of character, I think. He does what only he can do.

I think that that is good news. Your new single, Yell, will be released on January 23rd, but as of now (late November) the songs haven’t been finished have they? (laugh)

Keiyu: Well, I’m still thinking about what lyrics I want to use. (smile)

You haven’t started them?!

Keiyu: I don’t know what I would like to write! I’m trying to decide whether I’ll write something easy to understand, or a little bit difficult like I used to do before.

Yuura: Ah, I’ve got an idea! You can write about how fans who ride on the night bus feel when they are coming to see a concert.

Keiyu: What!?

Do you mean feeling excited?

Yuura: We have many fans who come to see our lives in Tokyo by the night bus. There are also many fans at Nakano Sun Plaza who are going to ride on the night bus. As there are so many, they would sympathize with the lyrics.

Keiyu: Really!?

Who wrote the original song?

Keiyu: Was it Maiccho?

Maiccho, what image did you have when you wrote it?

Mai: I wanted a fresh image.

Yasuno: For that, Keiyu has to be fresh first of all. (laugh)

Keiyu: Oh, no, now that would be hard. (laugh)

Yuura: Why don’t you write about things you are doing 'Monster Hunter'? As you drink your potion? (laugh)

That doesn’t seem so fresh.

Keiyu: I want to write fresh lyrics, but I am kind of tired at the moment, mentally speaking, so I have not been able to do so. But yesterday, I thought about lyrics. So I was able to see a little about the daily life of people who don’t have anything to do during the day. (laugh)

Well, I know you say that, but the end content won’t be like that, I'm sure. With Kra, even if the songs seem fresh, they’re not once you hear them.

Keiyu: Yes, yes. I agree with you.

Yasuno: There are shadows in there somewhere. Not only in the lyrics but all of the members put their shadows into the music somewhere. Like the band itself is a shadow.

That matches Kra. You know, really original. How about you translate the grotesque lyrics into fresh ones?

Keiyu: That might be good... that would be good!

You can write whatever you want. (laugh) For example, you could change "world’s end" to "human destruction", or "pray" to "curse".

Keiyu: Ah, the elements of transformation are the same as mine. (smile)

We’re looking forward to seeing that!

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 38.

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