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An explosive comeback.

Four years ago, LAST MAY JAGUAR released their debut full-length album Ready for…, but since then the band hasn’t recorded anything. However, in 2017 LMJ renewed its line-up and this June came back with the mini-album Reloaded, turning a new page in its history.

First of all, Reloaded is a catchy release. Yes, there are a lot of bands mixing metal, electronics and female vocals, but the key point here is not the presence of these elements but how they’re incorporated into the music. LAST MAY JAGUAR makes a strong impact: sometimes raw, sometimes maybe even ordinary, but always powerful and really, really lively.

The band put a huge amount of emotion into its performance, and it’s always noticeable while listening. The mini-album is packed with energy and generously shares it with the listeners in the invigorating and electrifying Dynamite Words, Last Hope, and the title track Reloaded. Explosive and bright, these songs prepare us for Because of Me, an addictive, powerful musical drug. Here, LMJ combines heavy sound and lush electronics with yurica’s striking, almost hysterical vocals, creating a fierce emotional hurricane that can knock the listeners down. The song leaves such a strong impression, you can even forget about the remaining two songs of the release!

However, the weak point of the release is the final track Love Bites (So Do I), a cover of Halestorm. The song itself is not bad, but it suffers from the overused voice effects. As a result, the vocals sound more like a vocaloid than an actual human being. It’s quite a weird decision, as yurica does her job really well on the other tracks and doesn’t need the extra assistance.

Undoubtedly, you can find more technical or unique bands than LAST MAY JAGUAR, but Reloaded won’t find a place in your heart because of its technique or uniqueness — this mini-album captivates listeners with the pure sincerity of its tracks. The band puts all its energy, all its feelings into this release, firing up its fans on the way. If LMJ continues its work and doesn’t fall silent for another four years, don’t hesitate to add it to the list of interesting bands. It can really achieve a lot with its emotional and lively music.
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